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CADLink ERP Integration


Connect Your CAD and WorkWise ERP Systems

The CADLink applicaiton from QBuild enables your WorkWise ERP software and CAD system to work together. Data can pass bidirectionally between CAD and WorkWise ERP, taking data directly from on-screen renderings and sharing it between the two systems. Every department will be working with the same secure data, reducing manual data entry and errors.

Bidirectional integration between WorkWise ERP and CADLink

Two-way synchronized data integration between the WorkWise Engineering WorkBench and CADLink provides an efficient way to move data, ensure it’s accurate, and speed up the engineering process.

CADLink delivers a more efficient and productive engineering and product development process by improving production time, offering greater visibility and accuracy, freeing up engineers’ time and resources, and reducing shop floor errors.

Create part and BOM records in ERP directly from your CAD system

Streamline your engineering and product development process with CADLink. By integrating your CAD and WorkWise ERP solutions, you’re able to create part and BOM records in ERP directly from your CAD system, reducing non-value-add activities and eliminating the threat posed by duplicate data entry. You’ll be able to visualize any data discrepancies between CAD and ERP with a color-coded BOM grid. And you’ll have access to automatic data validation and error notification.

Benefits of CADLink and WorkWise ERP Integration

Direct CAD Integration

Stop exporting and importing data manually with real-time, two-way CAD integration.

Lower Engineering Costs

Reduce non-value-added engineering activities and eliminate double or triple data entries.

Error Notification

Resolve discrepancies with automatic data validation and be notified of critical errors before saving.

Intuitive Visual Interface

A user-friendly interface allows you to visualize any discrepancies with a color-coded BOM grid.

Visualize Data Discrepancies with a Color-Coded BOM Grid

CADLink is offered by our partner, Build Software, and supports numerous CAD and PLM/PDM systems. To learn more about WorkWise ERP and CADLink integration, visit

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