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Seamless Integration Between SOLIDWORKS CAD
& Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition

Bi-directional integration with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD & Product Data Management (PDM)

SOLIDWORKS CAD Connect is a direct interface to SOLIDWORKS CAD 3D and SOLIDWORKS PDM which eliminates the need for expensive middleware to purchase and maintain.

Two-way data integration between the Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Engineering WorkBench and SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD or PDM moves engineering data seamlessly between these technologies. Easily import bills of material, item engineering data, part attributes, and your engineering drawings from SOLIDWORKS into Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP. In one screen you can compare the engineering source data in SOLIDWORKS with the current status of the data in Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, make changes to the data in a “sandbox” environment and check the changes before promoting them to the live system.

SOLIDWORKS CAD Connect makes your engineers more productive and as a result speeds the time for development of new products.

SOLIDWORKS CAD Connect Benefits

Work more efficiently

The Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP engineering WorkBench and SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD or PDM moves engineering data seamlessly between the two technologies, creating an efficient workspace.

Improve Responsiveness

See an increase in software integration responsiveness, which helps to increase user productivity.

Reduce non value-added activities

See a reduction in non value-added activities that fail to meet company criteria.

Eliminate duplicate data entry

Enjoy accurate reports and company data thanks to the elimination of duplicate data entry.

ERP software together with CRM software

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP includes our award-winning, full-featured CRM software. From quote to delivery, WorkWise gives you complete control of every aspect of your business.

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