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Drive Better Decision Making with Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition Software

In the life of a manufacturer, every day brings new challenges and opportunities that call for important decision making. Whether seemingly minor or major, these decisions can affect the future health of your business. Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP is a solutions that equips you with the appropriate tools to make systematic, data-driven decisions, the entire decision-making process will be more clear cut and decisive. You’ll be able to pinpoint potential issues before they cause problems, create efficiencies in your operations and identify new opportunities for growth and advancement.

That’s where Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP manufacturing software comes into play. Our ERP gives users a complete view of your manufacturing processes – from shop floor to delivery – and instantaneous access to data-driven insights. You’ll have everything you need to confidently make forward-thinking decisions that enhance efficiency, increase productivity, control costs and streamline business processes.

Finances and Costs

Understand where your business is financially in order to make the best decisions with controlling costs and financial leadership.

Material and Business Planning

Use Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP software to maintain the flow of your production. Keep track of your inventory and avoid inefficiencies.

Business Insights

Gain a better understanding of how your business performs. Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP grants users valuable insights, updated in real time.

Easy Engineering

Manufacturing is complex and features many moving parts. With Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, never miss a single detail that can assist with the decision making process.

How Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Drives Better Decision Making

Financial Management & Cost Control

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP is more than just a manufacturing system. It is a powerful asset designed to help financial leadership analyze their performance and make innovative changes to improve efficiencies, control costs and increase their bottom line. Boosting financial applications such as job cost, accounts receivable/payable and cash management, coupled with advanced forecasting and planning tools, Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP allows you to manage your company’s financial performance and accurately plan for the future. At any given point in time, the software enables you to identify where you stand financially so you can make proactive decisions to improve your financial standing. When potential issues arise, you’ll have all the real-time information you need to make informed decisions that support your business goals and growth.

Proper Material and Business Planning

To maintain production flow, manufacturers have to be consistent with ordering and scheduling on a daily basis. Without Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP in place, keeping track of your inventory can quickly become a nightmare, leading to stocking and availability issues. When complications arise, production has to slow down or halt until the needed items are ordered and delivered. Not only does it slow down production, it stops customers from getting items on time, which ultimately hurts your business.

How can this issue be solved and what decisions can be made in order to avoid it? Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP gives you the ability to effortlessly track inventory with the Materials suite, so you can avoid inefficiencies. Not only does this help you make stronger decisions in regards to when you need to replenish products and materials, but it also provides a quality experience for your customers and maintains a consistent stream of sales with OnContact CRM integration so that your business is able to continue replenishing items when needed without financial strains.

Provide Accurate and Timely Insights

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP empowers decision-makers with valuable insights into how their business performs in real-time. Armed with this information, managers can pinpoint areas of improvement and proactively make adjustments to strengthen their overall performance.
One of the (many) great benefits of Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP is that information is routinely updated throughout the system for all of its users. It eliminates the potential for duplicate data entry, so users won’t have to worry about documents, customer information and even analytics potentially being compromised with inaccuracies.

With accurate company information at their fingertips, manufacturers are then able to see where their business both thrives and struggles. For example, you may notice that while you’re business does well with managing inventory, you aren’t reaching the number of sales per month or quarter that you would like to see in order to sell more inventory/products. This is when you can make sound decisions based on marketing and customer outreach in order to strengthen your customer base and increase your sales.

Engineering Made Easy

Despite the industry, manufacturing is a job that requires a great attention to detail and little room for error. With a complete overview of your Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Engineering suite, manufacturers are able to view information including Bills of Material, Routing and the Configurator with ease. Because manufactures are in such a detail-oriented industry, it is important for them to catch any mistakes before they happen and have a complete understanding of where their business lies before important decisions are made.

Many manufacturers produce and install products, but before the production process begins, they have to plan ahead with designs of the products they plan to make. Your business may be used to designing in a homegrown system or in a completely separate software, which can lead to losing important product designs or slowing down the production process. Thanks to CAD integration, all of your designs are in one simple place. Manufacturers can make decisions on what products should move from a rendering to an actual product.

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