Customization and Integration of ERP

The demand for ERP integrations and customizations is at an all-time high. Companies want software that fits their businesses exactly and as centralized as possible. With this being the case, the market has shifted from companies trying to fit into an ERP system to providers trying to make their solutions fit potential customer’s processes.

This definitely benefits the consumer, as more and more ERP vendors are entering the market. Here are some key things to note regarding integrations and customizations of ERP.

ERP Integrations

The key with integrations is: they centralize the data and offer more functionality to the ERP. Whether it be integration with another software such as CRM or CAD, or integration with social media or email, the demand is increasing and companies are willing to pay for it. In fact, many companies start their searches by seeing if the software will integrate with any existing systems they wish to keep.


Customizations are the key to making an ERP fit in with a company perfectly. Out of the box, an ERP system can be a great fit, but more often than not there are a couple areas lacking due to the sheer size of the software. With this being the case, the customizations and their cost can be what makes or break a decision and implementation of an ERP software. And, according to Paranorma Consulting, when the average ERP implementation is $9.8 million dollars, the cost and time dedicated to customization becomes even more important.

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