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No More Endless Spreadsheets: Waukesha State Bank and OnContact CRM

This isn’t your typical bank. Meet Waukesha State Bank, located throughout Waukesha County, Wisconsin. Waukesha State Bank’s mission: to showcase a one-on-one approach to banking through customer service and community involvement. Vice President – Marketing Manager Stephanie Ohlfs shows us just how true they stay to that mission.

“Community focus is huge for us. In the last five years alone, we’ve given over $1.3 million to nearly 400 different Waukesha County nonprofits and organizations. Our employees volunteer with about 120 various organizations across the county, and sit on almost 20 different boards.”

In addition to being fiercely community-driven, Waukesha State Bank is dedicated to their customers. For Stephanie, it was this dedication that drove Waukesha State Bank to seek out a customer relationship management (CRM) solution for their commercial lenders, retail bankers, and payroll services division.

“If you saw the system we had in place before OnContact CRM, it was like a series of archaic Word docs and Excel spreadsheets. It was extremely inefficient and time consuming. There were no cross-departmental referrals going on. OnContact CRM is nice because it puts all this information into a centralized database that’s accessible to everyone. It’s easy to use and simply beneficial to have all our contact data in one spot.”

While Stephanie is aware of the technology learning curve for some of the users at Waukesha State Bank, overall the transition has been a success.

“With OnContact CRM, the level of work our users must do isn’t any more than what they were doing before, and it’s making communication and accessibility so much easier.”

OnContact CRM was chosen over big-name competitors. A major reason for this is due to the software’s ease of use and simplicity.

“When we compared OnContact to the biggest names in the CRM software market, OnContact stood out because of its simplicity. With other big-name solutions, there was an overload of bells and whistles and things we were not going to use. There was also going to be a much bigger learning curve. OnContact provided exactly what we needed, and was also very affordable.”

Stephanie is happy to recommend WorkWise and OnContact to any bank or business looking for an automated solution to sales and data collection.

“I would recommend OnContact, especially if you’re looking for an affordable CRM solution that’s easy to use and backed by a company that provides great customer service.”


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Get rid of endless Word docs and spreadsheets like Waukesha State Bank did by contacting us today! We look forward to providing you with the tools you need to be more efficient in your sales, marketing, and customer service efforts.

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