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Easy-To-Use OnContact CRM Assists Strongwell Sales

Two months into using the product, and they’re already raving about it. We sat down with Strongwell Corporate IT Director Dave Manahan to discuss the process and results of implementing OnContact CRM.

Strongwell is a renowned manufacturer of proprietary fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) structural products with headquarters in Bristol, Virginia. With 4 locations, including a newly opened Mexico facility bringing the company’s total capacity to 730,000 square feet of manufacturing space, they rely on enterprise software solutions to compete on a global scale. Strongwell is no stranger to WorkWise’s software—in fact, they’ve been using WorkWise ERP for almost 20 years. What they were unfamiliar with was the OnContact CRM product, having utilized competitors in the past.

The challenges Strongwell faced from their existing CRM solution were vast. The software’s integration with Microsoft Outlook never worked properly, the interface required too much scrolling and too many screens to click through, and more.

“We’re a longtime customer of WorkWise ERP, but we’re new to OnContact. The solution we had in place prior to switching over to OnContact was too busy. The user interface required far too much scrolling, wasting our sales reps time, and the plugin for Microsoft Outlook, which was a big selling factor for us, never really worked consistently.”

For these reasons, Strongwell knew it was time to look for a new customer relationship management solution. Eventually, they ended up staying within the WorkWise family and selecting OnContact. A major factor which led Strongwell to choosing OnContact over alternative solutions was customer support and service.

“While I don’t know all the OnContact folks yet, the fact that they’re part of the WorkWise organization is a huge benefit. I’m able to talk to someone who’s high up the ladder at OnContact—I’d never be able to have access to that kind of knowledge and expertise with our previous CRM solution or other competitors.”

In addition to the support and familial feel, other reasons for selecting OnContact were related to the functionality and ease of use of the software. They’re also hoping to begin utilizing OnContact CRM’s marketing automation features, such as the website integration functionality.

“The screens within OnContact CRM are incredibly easy to use and navigate. We no longer have to waste time scrolling endlessly, as the product is user-friendly and designed to be efficient. A lot of the time, it’s hard to get salespeople to actually use a CRM solution consistently—we’re hoping that OnContact makes it easy for them to do so. In addition, we’re looking forward to the upcoming release of OnContact utilizing the new mobile interface.”

For Dave, recommending OnContact CRM and WorkWise ERP is common sense.

“I think WorkWise is a great organization. I’d recommend working with them to any business.”

Strongwell Overall Improvements Using OnContact CRM

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