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Star Metal Products: An ERP System Built to Deliver

Star Metal Products: An ERP System Built to Deliver

Star Metal Products is a manufacturer of complex machined components and products for diverse industrial market sectors. As a leader in the cold-forming industry, Star Metal Products expanded its machining capabilities to include products for military, medial, electrical, automotive and other precision machining industries.

Previously using an outdated, 15-year-old software, Star Metal Products began the hunt to find a modern ERP system that could improve their scheduling and delivery times, which led the company to WorkWise Software.

We spoke with the company’s Special Projects Manager, Zach Murray, about Star Metal Products experience teaming up with WorkWise for their ERP implementation, the benefits they’ve experienced and essential applications they use daily.

When initially beginning their search for a new ERP provider, Star Metal Products hired a consulting firm who compiled a list based on their needs, ultimately leading them to WorkWise.

“After looking at all of those software’s, WorkWise ERP made the most sense to us. It checked all of the boxes that we needed to run the business more efficiently.”

During the implementation process, sixteen Star Metal users took part in training which Murray stated was helpful. While the implementation process was a smooth one, having a new system meant that a learning process was in store for its new users.

“The biggest challenge of the implementation is getting people used to where you’re entering new information and how we’re getting the information that we used to get from our old system.”

With the software in place and Star Metal employees getting used to the ERP software, each user began to find applications that help them most. Murray notes that the Business Metrics application, which gives users immediate access to graphs and data meant to help enhance business performance and productivity, has been a great asset to the Star Metal Products team.

“It depends on what someone’s daily tasks are. I typically use the business metrics workbench all day long. I like how you can drag and drop, you decide what you want to see on the report. I use that all the time for helping out with scheduling, to see where we’re at with deliveries and what kind of labor efficiencies we’re doing.”

While there are specific applications and suites they use daily, Murray mentions that the entire ERP software is frequently used.

“We really use pretty much the whole ERP system on a daily basis. I don’t think there’s a corner of it that’s not dipped into on a daily basis.”

Having used the entirety of the software, Star Metal Products has experienced its share of benefits thanks to WorkWise ERP. Murray mentions how work life is easier because of it.

 “We’re meeting delivery times quicker, ease of finding things, pulling out information, catching a mistake before it goes out the door. It’s helped us out a tremendous amount.”

An additional benefit is increased company productivity. Murray compared WorkWise ERP to their previous software noting that WorkWise ERP’s design is “much more modern,” and isn’t cluttered or complicated, which has saved the company more time when completing tasks.

“The workflow with WorkWise (ERP) is much better than our old system. With our old system, we would have fifteen different windows open and you’d have to do one task in each window. It was cumbersome. With WorkWise, instead of fifteen windows we just use the Workbench instead. I know it’s just a couple of clicks here and there, but that adds up to saving a lot of time.”

Overall, both Murray and Star Metal Products are happy with both the direction the company is taking with their new software in place and with the help received along the way.

Murray gives thanks to the WorkWise ERP consultants and call center for their help and open lines of communication, which he notes have been, “very good.” He also credits their understanding of the software to the training courses, which “were extremely helpful.”

“We’re very happy with the support we got – the continued support, really. I still keep in contact with the sales reps with questions here and there. WorkWise ERP is such a big piece of software, there’s so many things that you can do. It’s expansive.”

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