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How WorkWise Software Cultivates a Top Industry Performer in Service Stampings

Service Stampings has been a leading supplier of short-and-medium-run metal stamping services used within the electrical, transportation, and many other industries around the world since 1957. While their impressive manufacturing capabilities may span the globe, Service Stampings is really a tight-knit, family-centric business. Take it from president Chris Reid, who’s always regarded the company as his home.

“We’re a family owned company, and we’re very proud of that. It was started by my father back in 1957, and I’ve since taken over. Each of our employees is like family – there’s certainly a strong community feeling about the culture at Service Stampings. We have regular employee council meetings that are run entirely by the employees.”

In order to stand out in the ever-growing metal stamping industry as a small business, Service Stampings relied on enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Initially, it was home-grown.

“We were using a home-grown system before WorkWise ERP. It touched upon the very minimum of our business processes.”

Looking to improve upon their short-and-medium-run metal stamping manufacturing processes, Service Stampings knew they needed to invest in a storied ERP software from a proven vendor.

“There were a lot of ERP products starting to come up in the marketplace for us little guys. [We] spent a year looking for the right software company, and haven’t regretted our decision ever since. WorkWise ERP had the best mix of features, and it was affordable for us as a high-mix job shop. While there was an initial psychological hurdle for the users, within weeks I didn’t hear a discouraging word or any tremors – it’s been really great.”

For Service Stampings, the difference between a home-grown ERP and WorkWise was staggering. Chris and his team have total shop floor visibility, as well as greater flexibility, precision, and transparency throughout the manufacturing pipeline.

“By going to your software, we’ve got a true ERP system. We’ve got flexibility in being able to schedule things, as well as much more precision and transparency. In addition, we’ve had, for the first time ever, great visibility in terms of what we have on our shop floor and how it’s moving through the work centers for scheduling purposes – this gave us a lot better visibility in knowing what’s out there.”

Service Stampings has been utilizing WorkWise software for about 20 years, thus having in-depth experience with a number of ERP Workbenches and product features, including:

“Forward scheduling has over the years increased our on-time percentage by 20% due to the specificity and granularity of the tool. The Performance Management Workbench provides me with a great way to get customized reports and quickly drill down into the data. Another features of WorkWise ERP we utilize is Dispatch and Reporting, which has made it really easy for our workers – it has streamlined and simplified what our employees have to do to log in and out of jobs. Lastly, we love the Dash DDX archiving module. We can find everything, without a doubt.”

Chris was very clear about his belief in the capabilities of WorkWise.

“I would definitely recommend WorkWise ERP to anyone looking to improve their manufacturing processes. We’ve been utilizing the software for 20 years and have never regretted our decision.”


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