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Becoming a More Responsive Company: How Olympus Group Found Success

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While you may not be familiar with Olympus Group, it’s likely you’ve seen their products. Olympus Group is a Milwaukee, WI-based manufacturer of wide format digital printing (graphics, signs and banners for trade shows, amusement parks, sports venues and more), mascot costumes (think Bernie Brewer, Bucky Badger, Tony the Tiger), and U.S. flags (the ones commonly found in home improvement stores).

With multiple sales teams calling on very distinct customer bases, it’s no surprise Olympus Group was in need of a powerful CRM (customer relationship management) solution to help better manage their business relationships and the information associated with them.

In addition to the challenges associated with their multiple markets, Olympus Group was also dealing with inefficiencies in their sales process. With little visibility into their sales pipeline, reps were unknowingly calling on prospects that other reps had already contacted.

Ryan Holzhauer, Vice President of Sales at Olympus Group, describes some of their challenges:

“At Olympus Group, we don’t have geographic territories, so our sales reps were accidentally calling on the same companies without knowing that other sales reps had already called them. We wanted a way for them to have visibility into each other’s activities so they could monitor that and not pursue companies that we’d already called on. Also, I wanted to be able to monitor activities and potentially reassign prospects and tasks.”

With these pain points in mind, Olympus Group set out in search of a CRM software solution that fit their unique needs. After researching and reviewing a number of CRM vendors, they selected OnContact CRM by WorkWise.

“We looked at a number of different CRM options. WorkWise offered competitive pricing and having live support as opposed to only email or online was a big differentiator for us.”

In addition, WorkWise was selected due to the powerful software integrations that come included with the CRM package. Olympus Group found value specifically in the Microsoft Outlook add-in feature, which connects the Outlook email client to the CRM database, allowing users to seamlessly manage all emails and contacts in one place.

“Compared to other CRMs on the market, OnContact’s Microsoft Outlook integration that comes with the software was very attractive. A lot of other CRMs don’t offer that integration feature or offer it only for an additional fee.”

Since implementing OnContact CRM, the sales reps at Olympus Group have achieved more accountability and transparency with their new software. They’re taking full advantage of the OnContact Outlook Integration functionality, which helps save on time through flexible scheduling and sales follow-ups.

“Our sales reps definitely love the ability to automatically push activities into the CRM from Microsoft Outlook because it tracks it for them without having to add another step in the process. They can even schedule their follow ups so they’ve made activity tracking and scheduling of follow up activities much easier for them and the result is that they’re more likely to do those things than having to do them as another step.”

For Ryan Holzhauer, the software has made him more effective as a manager. Not only does it provide him with an efficient way to monitor his sales team’s productivity, it also keeps everyone on his team more organized, productive and accountable.

“I can very easily go into the activities search function of CRM and run a date range of any activity a sales rep did and get a very quick snapshot of A) whether or not they’re using the system and B) how much effort they’re putting into their prospecting and pipeline development. I didn’t really have a way of doing that in the past other than verbal feedback from my sales reps or tracking them on spreadsheets, which was cumbersome for everyone.”

OnContact CRM has pushed the sales team at Olympus Group to become more responsive to their customers, more efficient with their prospects, and more accountable to each other.

“OnContact CRM has made my life easier in monitoring sales activities and it has made the sales team’s lives easier by more efficiently tracking activity and scheduling follow ups. Our goal at Olympus Group is to be the most responsive company out there. I believe that having a CRM like OnContact does make us more responsive.”

Olympus Group Overall Improvements Using OnContact CRM

Download Customer Success Story (PDF)

If you’re feeling jealous of Olympus Group and their success with our OnContact CRM software, contact us today! We’ll be more than happy to show you all of the great features and benefits our product can provide for your business.

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