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Nercon Eng. & Mfg., Inc

Nercon Eng. & Mfg., Inc
3972 S. Hwy. 45
Oshkosh, WI 54902

Joseph Roesler, Vice President of Finance

Nercon Eng. & Mfg., Inc. has a long-standing history in engineering and manufacturing conveyor systems, and is known for their expertise and innovation in designing production lines for consumer packaging goods manufacturers.

Like their slogan says — We convey ideas. Our engineers are proficient at taking your new product or manufacturing ideas and requirements and turning them into a well designed system that conveys your product efficiently and effectively.

Continuous Improvement with the Right Tools, People, and Partners

Joe is a different breed of VP of Finance. After implementing several ERP systems and numerous upgrades, Joe understands the path to success from ERP. To quote Joe, “start simple, then look to improve”. This simple phrase along with a talented team at Nercon, has set Nercon on a continuous path of improvement. “We want to take Nercon to the status of a world class manufacturer” says Joe. And we realize that we need the top tools available with the best implementation support. WorkWise has aligned with our methodologies and allowed us to implement the software one piece at a time. For Nercon, this makes it much easier to build success. “I had been through mass implementations of other software which brought organizations to their knees”, indicated Joe. “In this phase of our implementation, we are automating the DTO and ETO processes. Our next plan will be to connect to our 3D CAD system, in conjunction with implementing estimating and product configuration”

Agility in Mixed Mode

One aspect of the WorkWise software is the ability to operate in mixed modes- DTO, ETO, MTS, CTO, and ATO. Nercon is a custom manufacturer of conveyors. They operate in several modes, in order to beat the competition. A full 75% of their components are currently built to the DTO or ETO mode. But with the WorkWise system, they have been pushing towards more standard assemblies to improve efficiencies and lower costs. The WorkWise product provides agility in many aspects. You can choose from different modes (like Nercon), or different models (lean, kanban, MRP, MES and so forth). You can also tailor the system with three other technologies- role based, in-control, and all-view.

Real Time Shop Floor

One of the recent items Nercon implemented was the eProduction module. This module puts computers (hand- helds) right on the shop floor, and keeps the shop floor instantly up-to-date. One of the big benefits in a DTO/ETO environment is the ability to put drawings directly into the hands of the shop people. Nercon will know the status of every DTO/ETO component, which was impossible previously. The option of manually assigning standard part nos. to every custom designed component would have required a team of costly people. With WorkWise, this will now be handled automatically using a function within the software that allows the automatic creation of Item, Bill of Material data from CAD files and general routings via the RB-ERP Threshold. “To us, all DTO/ETO components used to go into a black hole. Now, we will have complete visibility” retorted Joe.

Continuous Learning

To build a continuous learning environment, WorkWise sponsors numerous customer conferences on both a regional and national basis. The conferences cover specific topics that manufacturers need, and provide is a sharing of ideas with other manufacturers in the networking sessions.

“We attended the national conference, and learned how several of the new and existing products could enhance our business. The sessions are a learning experience with many ideas on how to improve. Some of the sessions are presented by customers who have achieved individual success with the product. We decided that both the “alerts and exceptions “product and the “performance management” product could both have significant impacts for us. We will be implementing them in the near future” said Joe.


WorkWise uses a very clear game plan, and helps customers to execute with precision and confidence. They know that documentation of every process and the associated changes brings a common understanding of what needs to be done. “We used their BPR tool which was absolutely outstanding in the documentation process. We now use the tool in other areas of the business”, said Joe. Nercon also used a team approach with dedication from its top talent. This often makes the difference between successful and not so successful implementations. Kudos goes to the Nercon team.

“The WorkWise team was excellent, and knew the product and process in depth. They were very responsive to our every need. The results speak for themselves. We did the conversion on a Saturday, and were back in our homes right after lunch”, said Joe.


WorkWise provides the agility in its products and services to fit individual needs. We understand that each ERP system is an ongoing work of art that requires individual attention for success. Our people are seasoned, and our successes are higher than any other solution. Take a look at our solutions to your needs today. To quote Joe, “I personally embrace change but, many people fear change, and implementing RB-ERP 9.5 with the Workwise team alleviated those fears”.

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