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Marion Body Works: Finding a Complimentary ERP and CRM Software

Marion Body Works: Finding a Complimentary ERP and CRM Software

Located in Marion, Wisconsin, Marion Body Works is a manufacturer of fire & emergency apparatus, commercial truck bodies, aluminum customer cabs and defense products for customers across the country. Beginning operations in 1905, the company originally began as a blacksmith shop that built cattle racks and milk wagons for farmers.

The industrial equipment manufacturing industry produces a range of essential hand tools to customer industrial products and with such a wide range of products, daily business operations are sure to fall apart without a system in place designed to create a seamless operation. As a long-time customer of both WorkWise ERP and OnContact CRM, Marion Body Works has seen many benefits from using our ERP system.

We spoke with Vincenzo Speziale, Vice President of Marion Body Works, about the company’s experience with WorkWise, beginning with the importance of having WorkWise ERP software.

“ERP is so important to Marion’s daily business operations because it creates and captures a streamlined approach to processing information. Workwise ERP connects everything in the value stream and assists in providing a way to track and deliver our customer’s needs on time.”

Speziale notes that one of the most helpful features of WorkWise ERP is its streamlining functionalities and having a bird’s eye view over their inventory, which has assisted Marion in making stronger decisions for the company.

“WorkWise ERP software has helped us streamline business processes so that the system can work for us. It helps us manage our inventory so we can get the right parts to the right place at the right time and it provides real-time information and data so that we can make better decisions as a company.”

Aside from streamlining capabilities, Speziale points out that Marion uses a large majority of the WorkWise ERP solution.

“Marion uses the entire ERP solution with the exception of a few modules. Some specific features would be the Configurator, the OnContact – CRM integrations, the Heads-Up Events, eProduction.”

With these specific applications including the Configurator, which allows manufacturers to drastically reduce order lead times and engineering and CRM integration, which helps to improve a business’s relationship with its customers, Marion has noticed an overall uptick in company productivity.

The boost in productivity is also thanks to the way in which WorkWise ERP gives Marion visibility into their business and shop floor. There is also stronger communication from Marion to their customer base.

“We know where things are at any stage of the process and can provide our customers with information and insights into their products. We are able to rely on data to make business decisions every day.”

Speziale also says that there is a greater satisfaction with Marion employees who utilize WorkWise ERP, noting that there is “less frustration” with its staff because the solution makes daily operations easier.

The solution has also helped them function and become a viable competitor in the industrial vehicle manufacturing industry.

“Marion has seen the largest increases to productivity with having our Bills of Material and Routings setup correctly so that when an order comes in we can very quickly process it and turn this into requirements for the supply chain so that we can in turn deliver a quality product in the end. Having things complete and accurate makes the difference when creating a World Class operation.”

Now work is easier with both WorkWise ERP and OnContact CRM in place.

“I don’t have to second guess where we’re at with what’s coming into the business. I can see through the sales funnel, what the potential to close is. I can predict, based on our closure rate, what we’re going to have coming into the pipeline and into the company months in advance. It gives us a predictability of when we can expect to close and therefore whether or not we need to increase the volume of quoting.”

Overall, Speziale is satisfied with what WorkWise’s software has done for their business, specifically noting the customer service.

“WorkWise has always been easy to do business with and is the type of company that understands the relationship piece of doing business to business. They’re always available when you need them to be. I know that there’s a handful of people that I can call and someone is going to be there for me as a customer. That’s the best part of dealing with WorkWise.”

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