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Klauer Manufacturing Company

Interview of Ron Markus, VP – Information Systems, Klauer Manufacturing Company

1185 Roosevelt St Ext Dubuque, IA 52001
(563) 582-7201

The Power of Access and the Intelligence of Relationships

Klauer Manufacturing is located in Dubuque, Iowa along the banks of the Mississippi River. For over 125 years, this family owned company has been a trusted leader in the sheet metal building products industry. One of their key differentiators is their ability to provide the full spectrum of sheet metal needs all in one color, a one stop shop. Other competitors will outsource pieces of the project and risk delivery of inconsistent shades of the color. Klauer Manufacturing offers over 300 colors across a large spectrum of part numbers that are supplied on an engineered to order, make to order and make to stock basis.

Why the IT Department Likes RB-ERP

As an IT professional, Ron was particularly interested in the ease of tapping into the databases of the WorkWise RB-ERP product.

“We do some unusual things here”, commented Ron, “and we didn’t want to fall into the trap of vendor modifications, that have to be carried from version to version of the software. With WorkWise RB-ERP, we use the easy access SQL function to do what we need. We have also been impressed, that as WorkWise continues to add more and more features to their products, we have not had to be concerned with the effects on our special functions.”

WorkWise RB-ERP gives Klauer Manufacturing Company the ability to make those changes, changes that wouldn’t even be allowed in a cloud based solution. With RB-ERP, Klauer has been able to solve a troublesome problem with an excessive number of part BOM’s, caused by 300 colors of materials used in a substantial number of SKU’s. “Now we create one base for each SKU, and copy the colors to all the others,” said Ron.

User Groups That Work

Ron is a strong believer in user groups. “WorkWise has excellent user groups that aren’t just selling exercises for the vendor”, said Ron. The attendance at group meetings is very high, and the sharing of ideas actually happens. Ron has been so supportive of these groups, that he has done presentations in regions outside of his area. WorkWise holds both several regional and one national user conference, for which the feedback has always been outstanding.

“With WorkWise, I have always liked their open communications, spanning from the user groups, to the ability to easily reach anyone in the WorkWise organization, including Wayne Wedell, the President”, said Ron. “We also make suggestions that are then built into the product. With larger vendors, this just wouldn’t be possible.”


“eProduction has had a large impact on the efficiency of our shop floor. We have eliminated paper, and pushed the dispatching function to the shop floor”, said Ron. Klauer has been able to make better decisions, and has all but eliminated posting errors. eProduction also makes the information available immediately, instead of waiting for manual posting. Klauer always has been a front runner in real time shop floor data collection, having been involved with RF for more than six years.

Special Mention

Klauer has recently begun the use of the RB-ERP workbenches. Ron commented, “So far, the Workbenches have been great in customer order processing. Users can check status and customer interaction history without having to jump all over the place.”

Klauer is an excellent example of how WorkWise collaborates with its customers to produce higher level results. From its ability to adapt to special needs, to collecting functional suggestions from the entire customer base, WorkWise always finds a way to advance your operations. Don’t just buy software, buy an intelligent relationship.

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