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How Goodway Technologies Drives Sales Through OnContact CRM

Meet Goodway Technologies, a global manufacturer and marketer of industrial maintenance solutions. Goodway has been providing their equipment to commercial HVAC, facility management, manufacturing, power generation, maritime and other industrial applications since 1966. Senior Vice President of Technology, David Walsh, describes their business as a “sales organization to the core.” To give you an idea of just how true David’s statement is: Goodway has sales representatives located across the globe, with a contact list of over 250,000 individuals in about 80,000 different enterprises.

There’s no way that Goodway could possibly manage and track all of those customer and prospect relationships without a robust Customer Relationship Management solution. Thus, OnContact was selected over their previous CRM.

There were a number of features that led David and his team to select OnContact over other alternatives. For one, the software’s accessibility makes it easy for new users to become acclimated.

“New CRM users can pick up the software really quickly. It’s very easy to be able to know what you’re doing. We’ve had new users learn how to use the customer relationship management tool in as little as one day.”

Another factor that led to Goodway Technologies selecting OnContact’s customer relationship management solution is its ease of use and customizability.

“As a manager, it’s great. I can get it to do whatever I want it to do, and that’s a major advantage of this solution over others. It’s really up to the user: you can make it as easy as you want or as complicated as you need to. Additionally, we were able to customize the application to make it work exactly the way our business needs to do it.”

David also made it clear that they’re not having any problems getting use out of their relationship management tool. In fact, they rely on it constantly and consistently.

“We’ve had millions of activities recorded in CRM. If you ever want to see how OnContact works for a true sales professional and a true sales-driven organization, I think our installation is a perfect example.”

For David, there’s a comparison to be made between OnContact CRM and other big-name competitors that share our space.

“You don’t get the one-on-one commitment with the big names in the industry like you do with OnContact. Those big names do everything, but they do nothing well. I know a couple of people that are currently using one of those providers, and I always tell them: just call OnContact.”


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Take it from David and call us to learn more about how OnContact CRM can help your business drive more qualified sales.

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