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DBS Manufacturing Inc. and the Search for Modern ERP Manufacturing Software

DBS Manufacturing Inc. and the Search for Modern ERP Manufacturing Software

Founded over forty five years ago, DBS Manufacturing’s Nils and Mimi Young had ambitions of building a mechanical engineering company. The now privately held business designs, manufactures and provides application engineering for products sold to original equipment manufacturers, end users, municipal and industrial facilities.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, DBS also manufactures a complete line of OEM clarifier drive units and thickener drive units, low-speed mechanical aerators, industrial mixers and rotary distributor center mechanisms for the water and wasteland industry.

It is the norm for manufacturing companies to utilize an ERP software to assist with inventory, production and finances among other duties. DBS has been doing this for many years, but their old ERP system could not keep up with the technology now required to operate efficiently.

Prior to becoming a WorkWise ERP customer, DBS Manufacturing used another ERP solution, but wanted to break away for something new. We spoke with Lisa McDermott, the Controller at DBS Manufacturing, to learn more about DBS’ history with their former ERP software, what lead them on the hunt for a new solution and how work life is with WorkWise ERP.

“Our previous software became obsolete. The programming was owned by a very small company which did not give us the comfort level that we would be supported if our data became compromised.  We felt we needed a company that had a broader base of customers and a larger support team. We wanted a system that was more state of the art and more in tune with today’s technology.”

When DBS knew it was time to find a new ERP software solution, the company had specific features in mind including a system that would be able to share information between users, one central space for all department information, accounting, as well as engineering and production capabilities.

“There are several things I look for when choosing an ERP system. The main requirement is the flow between Engineering, Production and Accounting.  This process must be efficient and intuitive. The other important requirement is your user base and user conference platform. If a software company prioritizes its customers and provides several platforms for their customers to access information an training, everybody wins.”

Lisa also pointed out that having an ERP solution with both paperless and quoting capabilities was very important to the company stating that, “The quoting module was a feature that stood out to us.

DBS demoed several software’s before making their final decision. What made them choose WorkWise ERP was thanks to both the WorkWise ERP demo and attending the WorkWise customer conference in October 2018.

“During the demo process, the owners were impressed with the functionality of being able to say to our customers ‘Your order is on its way!’ In addition, we travel to customer locations quite often and liked the option of being able to find other customers and new business using the CRM functionality. We could be in the middle of California and say ‘Okay, we just saw our customer, now let’s see what other customers or potential new business is in the area.’”   

Once the implementation process was complete and DBS began using WorkWise ERP for their everyday business processes, we wanted to know about the specific applications and suites that DBS find to be particularly helpful.

“I’m the Controller, so my time is spent in the general ledger, which is an improvement over our old system. Almost everything in WorkWise ERP exports into excel. It is way more user-friendly than what I’ve had in the past.”

While DBS is still in the early stages of using WorkWise ERP, they hope that one major benefit they will begin to see over time is an increase in productivity.

“From a production standpoint, I do believe it’s going to help improve productivity.  We are also excited to be using the MRP module that flows into purchasing. The efficiency of exporting into excel, will definitely improve the efficiency of our annual audit process.”

Lisa makes it a point to mention specific WorkWise team members by name when speaking about how effective WorkWise has been with assisting DBS Manufacturing with their needs. Overall, she and DBS are happy with the quick and efficient help they receive.

“WorkWise has been incredibly supportive both onsite and remotely. They have been extremely patient and worked diligently with us to get to where we are today. I finally feel comfortable on the accounting end, and understand the system flow. We look forward to future success and the opportunity to expand our capability to use WorkWise to the fullest.”

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