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Bock Water Heaters, Company Organization and Transparency

Bock Water Heaters, Company Organization and Transparency

Bock Water Heaters is a manufacturer of solar, storage and geothermal tanks as well as residential and commercial water heaters. Manufactured in two Wisconsin facilities, Bock Water Heaters is 100% employee owned and is committed to providing the highest level of product amongst its competition.

A longtime WorkWise ERP customer, Bock Water Heaters has close to thirty employees who use our ERP solution daily. We spoke with IT Specialist and Account Manager, Ryan Erickson, about Bock’s experience with WorkWise ERP, their most used and trusted features and the benefits that come along with using WorkWise ERP.

Since utilizing WorkWise ERP, the company is experiencing various benefits including accurate data, a streamlined user experience and increased productivity amongst its users.

“The big benefit that I see is that there is a lot of our company information in one place. It provides a streamlined experience. It allows for a lot of people here to do their jobs effectively, in their own separate areas of expertise. We’re getting more in depth with our manufacturing workbench and utilizing mobile data collection. That is another example of how using the ERP software will better us internally. It has been beneficial to use and that it’s helped each department in its own way.”

Another benefit that Erickson notes is WorkWise ERP’s ease of use thanks to its interface and organizational features.

“WorkWise ERP has made things easier for us because it’s a relatively easy interface to use and you have the ability to access a number of different things, all in the same space. It’s well organized and it seems to work very well for what we need it to do.”

Of course, the ERP system has to be used frequently in order for a business to enjoy the complete list of benefits that come with having a robust ERP software in place. As an IT Specialist and Account Manager, Erickson’s usage of WorkWise ERP relays heavily on maintenance and workbench features.

“In my role here, I delegate to all the different users as well as what different modules and areas they have access to throughout the ERP system. I use User Maintenance quite a bit and dot net security maintenance as well as group maintenance. On a semi-regular basis, the dash slash DDX maintenance workbench, switching out printers and the workbench are used a decent amount.”

Erickson points out that while his role requires a steady use of WorkWise ERP, other software users, specifically those in the accounting department, engage with it on a daily basis. WorkWise ERP software has all of the tools needed to complete important, day-to-day business tasks.

“In my current role, I’m not in the ERP software all day, but there are individuals here who are in ERP from the time they get into the office until they leave. For the times that I use ERP, it’s a big help. I can get a lot accomplished inside. I have the ability to, as far as security goes because that is what I’m most concerned about, make sure that our users have the appropriate levels of access. Using the tool helps me with getting all of that accomplished.”

As for the other software users that get the most out of WorkWise ERP, Erickson specifically mentions that WorkWise ERP is in heavy demand for Bock’s accounting department.

“ERP is used by our accounting department on a daily basis. Our accounting department also uses the ledger quite a bit, while the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable is religiously used too. We also have all of our reps inside of ERP, all of their information, all of their invoices, POs and things of that nature.”

Between webinars and additional software training, WorkWise provides multiple opportunities to learn more about the ins and outs of WorkWise ERP. In additional to that, WorkWise keeps the lines of communication open for additional help that may be needed, which Erickson notes.

Erickson mentions that, “the communication has been good” between WorkWise and Bock Water Heaters. He also notes that whenever there is a more detailed oriented project that Bock needs WorkWise to take on in regards to the software, that the WorkWise team always looks into solving issues quickly.

In conclusion, Erickson says that Bock Water Heaters is happy with WorkWise and the WorkWise ERP software solution.

“All in all it has been a positive experience. I think the product works as advertised and it really does in many regards makes a lot of people’s lives and jobs easier here because of the software.”

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