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How ACR Electronics Uses WorkWise ERP Software to Help Save Lives

ACR Electronics: one of very few companies whose products you hope you’ll never have to use. ACR is a global manufacturer and provider of single-purpose equipment for search and rescue and life-threatening situations. Their products are used on land, sea and air, and include single-purpose beacons, searchlights, survival radios and more. The business has been around for 60 years, and is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The products that ACR Electronics manufactures help save lives. With having such an important role to play, they recognize how crucial it is to provide the highest quality search and rescue equipment. That’s why they entrust WorkWise ERP software to improve the capabilities of their manufacturing processes. Here’s what ACR Electronics CFO Michael Ray had to say:

“I’ve been at this for many years, and have been through a lot of ERP software implementations in my career. I have seen some good ERP software and some bad ERP software. It’s all about transforming the data into good, useful information. That’s what you get with WorkWise Software.”

Michael recalled some of their favorite benefits they’ve experienced since implementing WorkWise ERP, including getting actionable data and keeping fixed costs low.

“One of the main benefits we’ve experienced using WorkWise ERP is being able to get meaningful information we can use, versus getting data that requires more work to get the answers you are looking for. That’s typical of a good ERP system: that you’re getting actionable data that helps make the company more efficient. The data is integrated and streamlined for efficient use which keeps our fixed cost lower and allows us to invest our capital into building better products.”

Michael recommends WorkWise ERP for businesses looking for software that’s priced competitively and has a great support team behind it.

“WorkWise ERP is a good value for your money and it’s intuitive in nature. It also has great support people. You can tell WorkWise employees are from the Midwest area –  they’re a friendly folk, always asking how they can help their customers.”

In the last year, ACR Electronics acquired two companies, one of which is in the UK and about to go live with WorkWise ERP, making it an integral part of their manufacturing process.

“This is a testament that we like the software so much because as we grow through acquisition, the software implementation is easy and reliable and provides us with improved communications and simplifies reporting.”


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