CRM Deduplication Tools

Deduping your contacts with OnContact CRM Software

Keep your data clean with intelligent dedupe technology

Sometimes, there’s just no way around it — duplicate records happen. And when they do, OnContact’s intelligent deduplication tool is ready to clean up your database to make it as spot-free as possible. OnContact CRM Software by WorkWise uses both automatic and manual deduplication tools to find and merge matching records, enhanced by the power of SoundEx name-recognition technology.


OnContact automatically checks for duplicates when you add new contacts, or employ our mass clean-up.


Need to go back and check for duplicates manually? OnContact has a tool for manually cleaning up duplicates.


Use SoundEx’s sophisticated name-recognition technology to keep your database clean and accurate.


No More Duplicates

If there’s one thing that customer relationship management users hate, it’s duplicate records. These extra contacts and companies can misconstrue data and ultimately make your quality of data plummet. Your CRM will only work effectively if the data that it houses is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. That’s why OnContact makes it easy to eliminate duplicate contacts and clean up your data.

Automatic Checking

When you add a new contact within OnContact, our SoundEx-powered deduplication software is automatically employed, reducing the risk of creating duplicate records from the start. SoundEx is a leading phonetic coding system that suppresses spelling variations and effectively indexes names through a highly-sophisticated algorithm. So even if you spell a contact’s name incorrectly, OnContact will alert you of a possible duplicate contact.

Mass Deduplication

If you want to ensure your database is free of matching records, it’s usually wise to invest some time in manually checking for duplicates by running our mass deduplication tool. OnContact gives you the opportunity to look for duplicate records in a list of contacts, either in large or small quantities. If matching records are found, you’re given the choice of choosing the “survivor” contact, which merges the duplicate record into the surviving record.

Dedupe Now or Later

In many cases, it’s not convenient or even possible for you to manually deduplicate all of the potential matching records in your database. At OnContact, we understand completely. That’s why our deduplication tool allows you to save lists of records to be worked on at a later time, or over a period of time.

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