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Seamlessly integrate QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop with OnContact CRM Software data. Quick, simple accounting solutions. Now, you can eliminate double data entry and view customer information alongside financial data. All without ever leaving our application.


OnContact supports integration with both QuickBooks Online and Desktop.


Save time and money with our fast and secure synchronization.


Put an end to double data entry and start being more productive.

Simple, Effective QuickBooks Solutions.

Seamlessly integrate accounting and CRM data

With OnContact QuickBooks CRM Integration, users can instantly access customer accounting information, such as payment status, current balances and purchase history, from directly within our intuitive, easy-to-navigate CRM platform. With fast, fluid syncing of product data and customer records, you can finally say goodbye to double-entry accounting and start being more productive and efficient. You can even create QuickBooks estimates and invoices from within a sales order in OnContact.

A complete customer and financial view

Being able to view and manage real-time customer financial information from within contact and company records in OnContact gives you a more complete view of your customer. Without ever leaving our application, you can view open balances, payments, refunds, estimates, orders, receipts and more so you can prevent payment delays, accelerate deals and even predict future needs.

Save time with fast & secure syncing

OnContact QuickBooks integration seamlessly synchronizes both customer and product information, eliminating the time consuming task of entering data twice. Contacts and company information originating in OnContact are automatically exported to QuickBooks, while customers originating in QuickBooks are automatically imported to OnContact.


Additionally, product data kept in QuickBooks is synced with OnContact to generate new orders, deliver pricing information and provide quantities available.

Effortlessly generate invoices, estimates & orders

With just a few clicks, you can create QuickBooks estimates and invoices from sales orders generated in OnContact. Plus, the desktop version of QuickBooks supports the generation of sales orders. All orders use accurate, real-time product information stored in QuickBooks.

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