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Get behind the driver’s seat of your business’s marketing strategy with OnContact CRM by WorkWise’s marketing management software. Our comprehensive marketing management solution gives managers more control over their marketing campaigns by providing features like campaign overviews, detailed reporting and analytics, automated workflows, email marketing tools, data summarization and visualization, pipeline management and much more.


As a manager, access a comprehensive overview of your ongoing marketing campaigns, then drill down into specific reports and dashboards.


Acquire the tools you need to master email marketing, including an email designer, Outlook integration, detailed analytics, and more.


OnContact CRM gathers and tracks the results of each of your marketing campaigns, so you’re always in the know.

Powerful Marketing Management Software

Campaign Management

Take control of your marketing campaigns. Long gone are the days of blasting customers with emails and other marketing tactics without any detailed analytics, reporting, or visibility behind them. As part of OnContact’s marketing management software, our campaign management functionality changes the game of marketing automation. It provides your business with all the resources it needs to automate workflows, assign tasks, monitor budgets, and more, while also providing built-in reporting and tracking capabilities so you’ll have a hassle-free overview of managed marketing campaigns and can drill into the details with just a click of the mouse.

Results Analysis

Analyze data within seconds with OnContact CRM’s real-time data summarization. Our marketing management software tracks the results of each of your marketing campaigns created through OnContact, so you’ll have immediate access to results in real-time, summaries for each campaign, as well as detailed dashboards to help visualize the data.

Detailed Targeting

Database segmentation is a breeze with OnContact’s marketing management software. Our intuitive solution comes fully-equipped with powerful search tools, giving you the ability to segment prospects and customers and target them with specific marketing-driven campaigns and personalized communications.

Data Manipulation

Need to change mass amounts of data without wasting a big chunk of your day? OnContact CRM’s mass assign functionality empowers your users to quickly change data, reassign territories, assign tasks to cases, and more within seconds. Our marketing management software is both easy to use and powerful. It will help save your users’ time so they have more opportunities to analyze and visualize the manipulated data.

Export to Excel

OnContact CRM integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel, which allows you to quickly import large amounts of data into your database. And did we mention that exporting data is just as simple of a process? Our marketing management solution lets you export large amounts of data for further external analysis and sharing among departments.

Email Marketing

It’s not a comprehensive marketing management solution without email marketing functionality. Fortunately, OnContact CRM software comes equipped with all of the features you need to create powerful email-driven campaigns, including:

  • Email template designer, which equips your marketing department with the tools it needs to design eye catching emails without a complex understanding of HTML. Simply utilize drag and drop editing tools to create professional email designs that are sure to emit a strong response from your segmented customer list.
  • Comprehensive email results analysis features, which lets you look at influential metrics such as open rate, clicks, bounce rates, and more.
  • Preview, test, and schedule targeted emails to pre-segmented contact lists within your customer relationship management solution.

Web Visitor Tracking

Managing your marketing strategy also means developing a strong understanding and visibility into your website traffic. With OnContact’s customer relationship management solution, you’ll be equipped with powerful web visitor tracking features, so you’ll know who’s coming to your site, what pages they’re visiting, how long they’re staying on each page, and which pages are the most effective at bringing in qualified, inbound leads.

Intrigued? We don’t blame you. Contact us today to learn more about how OnContact’s marketing management software can be the solution to your marketing department’s current challenges.

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