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Nurture relationships through targeted emails.

When used correctly, email marketing can be one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools in your arsenal. In fact, it has become an essential tool for small and large businesses alike to stay connected with their customers and prospects. OnContact’s email marketing solution can be used in a variety of creative ways to increase sales, boost customer engagement and improve customer retention.

There are plenty of email marketing solutions to choose from, but many are isolated or independent from your CRM software data. OnContact’s email marketing functionality is fully integrated with your contact database, so you can send emails that are directly targeted to your customer and prospect base.


Our email marketing solution is fully integrated with your contact database, so you can send emails directly targeted to your customer & prospect base.


Our intuitive drag and drop email designer makes it easy for anyone to build professional emails that look like they were designed by a professional.


Our workflows make drip campaigns easy. Send mass emails at a scheduled time to a targeted audience with the OnContact email scheduler.

OnContact Email Marketing Key Features:

Seamless CRM integration

OnContact’s email marketing solution seamlessly integrates with your contact database.

Campaign Management

With OnContact campaign management, you can query the contact database to quickly create targeted email campaigns to segmented groups.

Drag & Drop Email Designer

Our intuitive email designer allows you to quickly build professional emails without having to know HTML code. Choose from a variety of mobile-friendly email templates and customize them to your specific needs with our intuitive drag and drop interface.

Custom communication lists

Easily create email lists from your contact database using mass assign or campaign workflow tools.

Complete personalization

Address your contacts on a first-name basis. Use custom tags to pull data from contact database fields, such as salutation, first name and company.

Preview and test mode

Use the preview mode to view your email before it’s sent or send a test email to ensure your email looks great.

Detailed email analytics

Track the success of your email campaigns using email metrics such as open rate, click through rate and bounces. Know exactly who opened your email, who clicked on what links and who unsubscribed.

Email verification and spam protection

OnContact CRM automatically validates all email addresses you enter to avoid bounces.

Grow your contact base

Use OnContact landing page integration to collect contact information though a lead form on your website.

Track website visits

Enable OnContact’s web visitor tracking application and start tracking your website visitors by name after they click on a link to your website in an email.

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