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Drive Better Decision Making with WorkWise CRM Software

With a birds-eye view into your sales, marketing and customer service efforts, Aptean CRM software delivers the tools your company needs to make powerful, informed decisions that enable you to better serve your customers, improve your relationships, streamline your sales process and increase your bottom line.

When it comes to making business decisions, whether the process is long-term or on the fly, it is vital to have a system in place that gives you a complete view of your business so you can assess the situation confidently and make informed decisions that help your business grow and thrive.

Strategic Insights

Aptean CRM provides a deep dive into understanding business metrics, company analytics and data. With this knowledge at your fingertips, you are able to make educated business decisions.

Avoiding Customer Service Issues

Avoid a customer service crisis by having Aptean CRM. Know what your customers need before they reach out to improve the service experience.

Campaign Improvements

Knowing Aptean CRM data and analytics help improve marketing efforts. Know what your audience responds to and improve campaigns based on your knowledge.

Improved Financial Performance

Sales drive businesses. Aptean CRM is a central hub containing your financial information. That information can be the key to a lucrative business.

How Aptean CRM Drives Better Decision Making

Deliver Strategic Insights

Aptean CRM provides an integrated, real-time view of customers and leads across a company’s sales, marketing and service efforts. Equipped with these insights, managers are able to make strategic decisions to improve customer-focused operations. Armed with CRM data, managers can hone in on areas where their business excels, as well as areas that require more work.

As a manager, it is your job to oversee your department and stay up-to-date on employee performance and productivity, all while achieving specific milestones and deadlines. With this, also comes the task of making challenging decisions that benefit your business. Aptean CRM offers various features to help managers stay informed, involved and more productive in the right areas so they can confidently make informed, data-driven decisions. From generating real-time productivity analysis reports to automating processes, to providing complete visibility into your sales pipeline, Aptean CRM software helps deliver strategic insights that drive growth and profitability. It a tremendous asset to help sales managers streamline their sales process, build more accurate forecasts and determine innovative ways to manage opportunities and close more deals.

Avoid a Customer Service Crisis

The overall goal of Aptean CRM is to provide excellent customer service, which can be done through providing a tremendous wealth of information about your customers within the system. Aptean CRM records every interaction with a customer, from their phone number and address to previous purchases and all communications between them and your business. Knowing simple things like their product interests or past issues and questions they’ve had can help your employees get to know your customers on a personal level. With all this customer information at their fingertips, your customer service reps will be better equipped to make the right decisions to intuitively serve the best interests of the customer and the business.

The information that users store into Aptean CRM shows you what issues need to be addressed in order to avoid a customer service crisis. For instance, you may notice that it takes your business quite some time to respond back to customer communications or handle incident reports. Aptean CRM provides an incident management feature, which assures that issues are resolved quickly. By tracking the progression of your incidents from its inception to resolution, you can keep record of every issue just in case it arises again in the future. Responding to the needs of customers quickly improves the customer service experience, which is essential to the success of every business.

Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

Effective marketing is incredibly important for businesses in order to get their name out into the world and to build a loyal customer base. One of the biggest issues businesses face is not properly marketing or finding that their marketing campaigns aren’t effective in gaining the interest of their target customer base. As a result of lackluster marketing, businesses may begin to see both their customer base and sales decline.

Both prospective and current customer information that’s stored into Aptean CRM, such as their purchase history, how often they visit your website, customer service inquiries and so forth, can help your marketing department make more informed decisions on how to market to their customers. Users can see how well (or poorly) marketing efforts have gone in the past, as well as what campaigns customers best respond to thanks to the Marketing Automation suite. Being equipped with this information solves the issue of why their marketing efforts aren’t successful and helps them make better decisions regarding what type of marketing content customers will best respond to.

Improve Sales Performance and Profitability

Aptean CRM is more than just contact management. It is a tremendous asset used to help sales managers streamline their sales process, build more accurate forecasts and determine innovative ways to manage opportunities and close more deals.

Aptean CRM drives sells, which can be done with its Sales Automation feature. With features including opportunity management and the business card reader, Aptean helps sales reps and managers make decisions that will drive sales performance and overall productivity. From lead generation to nurturing prospects to managing their pipeline, Aptean CRM enables a sales department to make important decisions on how they should focus their resources so time is not wasted and nothing falls through the cracks.

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