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The Ultimate Contact Management Solution

Relationships are the lifeblood of your business. Aptean CRM Software by WorkWise delivers an easy-to-use contact management software solution that provides everything you need to cultivate better relationships with your prospects and customers. From managing your contacts, accessing activity history and tracking opportunities, to scheduling events, performing powerful searches and creating custom reports, Aptean CRM gives you the power to turn relationships into real results.

Intuitive Interface

Designed by users, for users, you can expect unparalleled power and functionality wrapped up in a simple, user-friendly interface

360° Customer View

View detailed sales, marketing and customer service history, as well as contact preferences and characteristics

Activity Scheduler

Organize and keep track of all tasks, meetings, calls, emails, events and activity records with the Aptean CRM activity scheduler

Get the Most Out of Each Interaction

A complete picture

The more you know about your contacts, the more successful your business will be. Our contact management CRM software helps you keep track of all your contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers. It gives you a complete picture of every customer, including activity history, key contacts, email and communication history, preferences, case history, internal notes and uploaded documents such as contracts, invoices and quotes.

Designed for the user experience

Our user-friendly interface makes it easier than ever to get your hands on the information you need. One central screen allows you to search, view and edit, while tabs make navigating among records a breeze. Visual prompts help ensure essential data is captured and alerts help keep you from entering duplicate data.

Contact Management Key Features

Access Important Information

View key contact information such as company, email, phone number, contact roles and lead source.

Track All Communication History

Get a complete view of your day-to-day activities. Search, filter and sort all contacts and related activities, opportunities, campaigns, incidents and more from a centralized application. Track all calls, meetings, tasks, and email history with attachments. View sales history, calendars, events and even a contact’s web visit history from a single screen.

Preferences & Characteristics

Set a contact’s status and add internal notes to provide insights about how to better engage with your contacts.

Save Important Documents

Upload customer documents such as contracts, invoices and quotes for quick and easy access.

Powerful Searches

Aptean CRM is packed with powerful search capabilities that make it fast and easy to locate records and access data. Our quick search feature allows you to search by single criteria fields like contact, company or opportunity. You can also build your own unique searches with our advanced filter designer.

Custom Fields

Easily add custom fields and organize contacts exactly as you want them.

Social Media Integration

With our social CRM capabilities, you can integrate a contact’s Facebook and Twitter account directly from the contact screen.

Deliver Outstanding Customer Service

Track service requests, incidents, resolutions and more from the company or contact screen so customer issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Email Merge

Send personalized email messages to a group of contacts.

Dashboards and Reporting

Discover trends in your data and track the success of your marketing campaigns, forecast sales, opportunities and more.

Easy Imports

Import contacts using our convenient import wizard.

CRM Software Just Got Better

No confusing à la carte pricing or add-ons here. Simply choose between our Sales or Enterprise packages and our award-winning CRM software comes complete with everything you need. Plus unlimited phone, email and chat support. Absolutely no hidden fees or extra charges.

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