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Powerful Web Visitor Tracking Analytics

Learn More About Your Website’s Visitors

While traditional website analytics tools such as Google Analytics track and report overall website visitor traffic patterns, they fail to provide the most powerful piece of information — who is visiting your site and what their individual browsing activity looks like.

The Aptean CRM web visitor tracking application delivers the power to track how individual prospects and customers come to your website, what pages they visit, how much time is spent on each page and which pages are most effective.

Visits & Clicks

Instantly collect web pages visited, time spent on each page, links clicked and content downloaded.

Referral Source

Keep track of how visitors come to your website (search engine, referring link, etc.).

Names & Times

Get lead name and inferred data (company, location, etc.), plus track visits by date and time.

Turn Your Website Visitors into Leads


Build a Comprehensive Navigation History

As your prospects and customers navigate your website, Aptean CRM builds a detailed navigation history for each of them that can be accessed instantly in real-time. Information is stored for both known and anonymous visitors and is instantly updated once a visitor engages by submitting a web form that’s integrated with Aptean CRM, or by clicking on a link in an email sent from Aptean CRM. A lead record is then automatically created or updated with the personal information they provide, such as name, email address, phone number and zip code.

View Past, Present, and Future Browsing History

When a lead is created in this manner, all prior website visit information is related to the new lead so you can view their past and future browsing history. Leads may also be added manually or imported with the Aptean CRM software lead import template.

Identify Buying Intentions

Knowing the online activity of your prospects can help you determine what stage they are at in their buying journey, what products and services they are most interested in, what issues they may be trying to solve and what pages on your site are most effective. Your sales and marketing team can then use that information to initiate activities based on the unique behavior of your website visitors.

Generate Better Leads

In the world of sales, timing is everything. Most buyers perform over 50% of their own product research before ever even contacting you. Imagine the potential of giving your salespeople deeper insights into a prospect’s information-gathering phase based on web pages they’ve visited, the amount of time they spend on a page, information downloaded, links clicked and more. With Aptean CRM web visitor tracking, you’ll get to know your prospects on a more personal level so you can effectively target marketing initiatives.

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