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Reporting & Dashboards


Measure Results with Detailed Sales and Marketing Analytics.

As a manager, you rely on detailed and comprehensive sales, marketing and service metrics to measure the results of your team. OnContact CRM Software by WorkWise ships with 60 standard reports and offers interactive dashboards for management, sales, customer service, marketing, contact center, web visitor tracking, daily planners and more. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to drill down into key metrics, export data, customize interactive visuals and more.

Customize Reports

Whether it’s sales, marketing, or rep activity reports, you’re able to drill down and customize reports filled with only key metrics.

Manipulate Data

Use the data that’s most relevant to you, and export it into a file that’s most convenient for external analysis.

Visualize Analytics

More of a visual person? Use interactive pie, bar, and line charts to make the most of your sales, marketing and service data.

See More with Intuitive Management Dashboards & Reports

Build Your Own

With OnContact, you’re able to use only the data that’s most applicable to your unique needs. Dashboards include graphs and charts that are completely interactive, giving you the chance to drill down into the data directly through the visual. As part of the management functionality, you’re able to set preferences based on what data and visuals you’re most interested in seeing through the CRM application dashboard.

Export Detailed Reports

You don’t have to worry about not being able to have detailed reports in easy-to-use and easy-to-manipulate formats. Our software comes with 60 standard reports and allows you to export customized reports via PDF or Microsoft Word formats.

Utilize Dashboards

Dashboards are a great way to get a snapshot of important data, without getting into the detailed analytics of reports. Within dashboards, you’ll be able to view opportunity funnels, monthly sales reports, key performance indicators (KPIs), pending activities, and so much more. OnContact CRM includes the following dashboards:

  • Marketing Dashboard: Get instant access to your marketing metrics with an overview of opportunity status, campaign costs, outgoing emails, marketing expenses and more.
  • Daily Planner Dashboard: A visual overview of your daily plan, including a calendar, your to-do list, alerts and aging activity.
  • Management Dashboard: Keep an eye on your team’s progress with a dashboard that includes a to-do list by rep, completed activities, activities by results, open incidents, opportunities by value and more.
  • Sales Dashboard: A snapshot of your hot opportunities, to-do list monthly sales, top customers and more.
  • Calendar Dashboard: View your to-do list and upcoming activities in a daily, weekly or monthly calendar format.
  • Website Visitors & Leads: Track website visitors, lead activity, page visits and more with our Visitors & Leads dashboard, included in our marketing automation platform at no extra cost.
  • Contact Agent Dashboard: A must-have for any call center agent, including open incidents, unassigned incidents, alerts and calling queues.
  • Customer Service Dashboard: Track incidents by volume, performance by rep, open cases and more with our intuitive Service dashboard.


Within Dashboards, Segment Panels

Looking to utilize a bar chart to depict productivity among your sales reps? Or a line graph to determine the progress of your customer service reps? No problem! Our interactive sales and management dashboards come completely customizable, so you’re able to view exactly what you need to and hide everything that you don’t.

CRM Software Just Got Better

No confusing à la carte pricing or add-ons here. Simply choose between our Sales or Enterprise packages and our award-winning CRM software comes complete with everything you need. Plus unlimited phone, email and chat support. Absolutely no hidden fees or extra charges.

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