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Remote Workforce Management


Complete Communication and Productivity in a Remote World

Your Workforce May Not Be Together,
WorkWise Software Will Keep Them Together

In this new business reality, we must:

Remote work requires open communication and finding unique ways to connect with your coworkers while in different locations. It is the ultimate test of teamwork and collaboration. Maintaining office chemistry and productivity while in a remote location can be a challenge for employees, while managers may struggle with finding ways to mirror in-office protocol. While remote work has become more common, it is time for businesses to create a new work norm to fit this budding standard.

WorkWise’s Remote Workforce Management CRM improves collaboration and communication amongst remote employees. With standout features including dashboards, opportunity management and customer service capabilities, remote working has never been easier.

WorkWise Software has the tools and technology to support the challenge of a virtual workforce, giving you complete control and total communication across all departments, no matter where you are.

Work Transparency

Remote Workforce Management provides an instant view of your business. Intuitive dashboards give complete clarity on how well your business is performing and how your users are interacting. You’ll get an immediate look into areas such as customer lead status, campaign status, revenue and more.

Improved Communication

Effective communication can be challenging when working remotely, but CRM fixes that. It allows users and managers to organize and keep track of all tasks, meetings, calls, emails, events and activities. Information is updated in real-time, removing the walls separating departments, and improving communication and quality of work.

Work Anywhere, Anytime

With Remote Workforce Management, remote workers can access our solution from all mainstream devices. Whether you’re working from a home office or on the road with your smartphone or tablet, we provide ultimate flexibility. No matter where you are, staying in touch with your employees and customers has never been easier.

Maximize Productivity

The downside of working remotely is finding a routine similar to that of in-office work. Having access to company information, being able to effectively communicate and track work through Remote Workforce Management improves productivity and helps provide a solid work routine.

Thrive in a Remote Working Environment

With enhanced communication and collaboration, and convenient and intuitive features, CRM software allows you to seamlessly transition into a remote or work-from-home environment.

Business Processes and Workflow Automation

Completing tasks while working remotely shouldn’t be difficult and it isn’t thanks to business processes and workflows. Our CRM solution features Workflow Automation, which is a series of automated actions used to improve daily business processes. Minimizing costs, improving efficiency and streamlining business processes, this feature makes work easier and gives remote workers time to focus on larger scale projects, while smaller tasks are automated and accurately completed.

Workflow Automation

Opportunity Management

Continue the sales process remotely with Opportunity Management. Whether you are working on multiple deals at different stages in the pipeline or have a more complex sales cycle, this feature keeps track of every detail. We provide remote sales representatives with predefined steps, moving you through the sales process, ending at a final sale. This complete visibility into the sales pipeline ensures accurate forecasting and a guide on where to find the best sales opportunities.

Opportunity Management

Customer Service

The customer service experience doesn’t have to suffer simply because you aren’t in a physical office space, which is a win for both you and your customers. From our self-service portal to case management and interactive reports, our customer service module provides the tools needed to deliver accurate solutions, maximize productivity and resolve customer issues quickly. No matter where you work, making sure your customers are satisfied will always remain a top priority.

Customer Service

Outlook and Gmail Integration

There is no better way to ensure reliable communication with your coworkers and customers than with our Outlook and Gmail integrations. Not only can you send out communications, but users can also connect their preferred email client to their CRM database, where they can manage all emails and contacts in one centralized space. Organized and easy to use, these integrations centralize communication, eliminates dual data entry and improves efficiency.

Outlook Integration

Gmail Integration

Knowledge Center

A challenge of working remotely is not being able to stop by a colleague’s desk to chat or work on an important project. This is where the Knowledge Center becomes an essential tool. The Knowledge Center acts as a space where product expertise and critical information is easily accessible, searchable and shared. From product guides, data sheets, manuals and FAQ’s, customer service agents can retrieve information in order to resolve cases, work on important projects and answer questions.

Knowledge Base


Just because you work remotely, doesn’t mean that you can no longer make a lasting connection with customers. Searching for leads and developing campaigns can be done no matter where you are. Meant to bring marketing and sales departments together, our Marketing Automation feature gives users the ability to execute multi-phased marketing campaigns across all channels with the goal of increasing sales. With our lead qualification and scoring capabilities, marketing departments and sales teams gain an understanding of exactly who their customer base is and how they can create campaigns they will respond to while working with leads that are ready to be converted into sales.

Marketing Automation

Activity Management

Maintaining the same level of work and organization that is typically held in standard office settings can be a challenge with a remote workforce, but it can be done. Thanks to Remote Workforce Management CRM, your remote workforce can prioritize and track both their day-to-day activities and customer communications. Assign jobs and monitor the progress of those jobs done by individuals helps to assist with work organization, while eliminating any potential mistakes amongst employees. The perfect tool when needing to refer back to previous actions, Activity Management is an essential key to business success that helps improve work efficiency.

Activity Management


Having a remote workforce doesn’t mean no access to important dashboards, reports and analytics. Perfect for monitoring both company sales, opportunities, finances and more, our interactive dashboards provide a real-time look into your business. Assisting with sales, customer service, management and marketing, the Dashboards feature measures and develops quality analytics needed for business reporting. Improve productivity, utilize accurate business reporting and increase collaboration all in one central space. Even if you are working from home, important business metrics are always right at your fingertips.


Essential Jobs Fit into a Remote World

Workflow, communication and collaboration doesn’t have to change when working remotely, especially with jobs that act as a bridge between customers and businesses. WorkWise Software’s Remote Workforce Management solution provides the same in-office benefits to these roles despite a change in work scenery.

Customer Service

Employees in Customer Service roles have constant and direct contact with both their prospective and current customer bases. Providing assistance in a number of ways from answering questions and resolving issues to providing support before and after they use a product of service of yours, creating an enjoyable and informative experience is the key to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

In today’s remote working world, Customer Service workers are more important than ever, since they bridge the gap between customers and their business. Remote Workforce Management software ensures that your customers continue to come back for your services thanks to essential features including case management, change requests and contract management, those in customer service roles can manage and keep track of customer agreements while also providing important company information to customers with our knowledge library and customer self-service portal.

Loan Officer

Loan Officers specialize in consumer, commercial or mortgage loans and are often found working for commercial banks and credit unions. The point of contact between a financial institution and an applicant, searching to find loan arrangements that work for both parties, Loan Officers work closely with customers on a daily basis. The flow of funds from a business to a customer requires organization, control and attention to detail, especially when financial work happens in remote conditions.

Our Remote Workforce Management solution provides those who work for financial institutions CRM features that help turn prospective customers into loyal customers, including our Sales Automation suite. Loan Officers can benefit from our Sales Automation solution, which steers software users through daily actions including meeting scheduling, creating and sending follow-ups, tracking customer communication history as well as writing sales proposals and quote generation. We provide organization and attention to detail, so you can build quality relationships.

Application Engineer

The bridge between customers and engineering teams, Application Engineers use customer input and sales information to design, develop and test software programs and applications. While listening closely to customers, Application Engineers also work with internal resources in sales, production and purchasing departments. With a role that relies heavily on customer and coworker communication, this role can be seemingly difficult to manage in a remote working world. Thanks to Remote Workforce Management, we can help improve communication for successful product deliveries.

Our Remote Workforce Management Contact Management solution helps Application Engineers cultivate stronger relationships with customers through managing contacts, accessing activity history, tracking opportunities and creating custom reports.

Insurance Representative

Selling and negotiating multiple insurance types to customers, Insurance Representatives work to develop relationships with both their current and prospective clients in order to sell different insurance types. The cornerstone of insurance businesses, Insurance Representatives build long standing business relationships through emails, cold calls and postal mailings. This role can have difficulty developing strong business relationships with customers remotely, but it is possible and it can be done effectively.

Acting as the direct line of contact to the public, it is important for Insurance Representatives to have effective communication skills and follow up with customers routinely. Our CRM solution provides marketing and sales features that help representatives effectively promote insurance that will ultimately lead to their goal, which is a sale.

Sales Representatives

Today, sales is about more than funneling customers through a pipeline. It is about developing strong relationships and ties in order to not only gain a sale, but developing a loyal, longtime customer. Sales Representatives work directly with the public on a daily basis, highlighting, educating and selling company services or products to businesses, organizations and individual customers. Clear communication is essential for this role. While Sales Representatives may be used to talking to customers face to face, this role can be just as effective in a remote setting, which is why Remote Workforce Management is a vital tool.

Monitor your sales opportunities with specific features from our Remote Workforce Management solution including Lead Qualification and Lead Management. See an increase in customer engagement, provide faster response times to your customers and see an increase quality leads, ultimately leading Sales Representatives to their goal of a final sale.

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