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Relationship Management


Clarify Relationships between Prospects, Customers and More.

At its core, Aptean CRM by WorkWise delivers an easy-to-use relationship management solution that gives you everything you need to cultivate and grow stronger relationships with prospects, customers and partners.

From centralizing your contacts, scheduling and retrieving activity history and tracking opportunities, to creating custom reports, performing powerful searches and using dashboards to drill into your metrics, Aptean CRM gives you the tools you need to turn relationships into measurable results. Plus, you can then continuously enhance those relationships with built-in tools such as customer service, marketing automation and contact center software.

Maximize Relationships

Build and maintain relationships organically and efficiently from within an intuitive, centralized database of opportunities and key contacts.

Create Hierarchies

Build stronger relationships through a better understanding of how your contacts and companies relate using hierarchies.

Visualize Analytics

More of a visual person? Use interactive pie, bar, and line charts to make the most of your sales, marketing and service data.

Build Stronger, Longer-Lasting Relationships

Relationship Development

Whether you’re focused on sales, marketing, customer service, or a combination of the three, building relationships is what CRM is all about, and what unites all of those departments. With Aptean CRM, you’re able to make the process of organically growing contact relationships as streamlined as possible, so everyone involved in the relationship development process can reap the rewards.

Efficient & Organized

Managing all your contacts without a CRM can quickly go from organized and convenient to chaos and lost data. Our CRM software collects and organizes data that’s imperative to your ability to drive relationships through sales, marketing, and customer service efforts so you don’t have to rely on spreadsheets or other ineffective organizational tactics.

A Complete Picture

Tired of losing data through the use of separate spreadsheets or tools? We understand. Aptean CRM gives you a complete picture of every customer or prospect, including key contacts, activity and communication history, individual preferences, incident or customer service history, notes, uploaded documents and more. Plus, it’s more user-friendly than ever. One central screen allows you to search, view and edit, while tabs make it easy to navigate among records.

Improved Customer Service

The more you know about a customer, the better you’re able to serve them and assist with their unique needs. Aptean CRM ensures that all of the information you need to provide quality customer service is at your fingertips, allowing your reps to build lasting relationships with customers. Aptean CRM also comes with contact center software, so your customer service agents can prioritize incoming and outbound calls to enhance customer relationships.

CRM Software Just Got Better

No confusing à la carte pricing or add-ons here. Simply choose between our Sales or Enterprise packages and our award-winning CRM software comes complete with everything you need. Plus unlimited phone, email and chat support. Absolutely no hidden fees or extra charges.

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