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Sales Management Software

Sales management systems to help you make better decisions & drive results.

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A Comprehensive Look into how our Sales Management Software Can Help Your Business Grow

Sales management software helps sales representatives with managing their contacts, reducing time spent on administrative work and tracking sales deals. Taking tedious work off your plate, sales management software allows users to spent their time on driving sales.

No matter the size of your company, Aptean CRM by WorkWise’s sales management software gives you the power to stay informed and involved in all facets of your sales, marketing, customer service and call center departments. From generating custom reports and using intuitive dashboards, to automating tasks and processes, to having complete visibility into your sales pipeline, our powerful CRM software delivers all the management tools you need to make better decisions and achieve faster results.

Take control of your business’s sales and marketing efforts through our effective sales management software. Aptean CRM gives you a birds-eye view into your sales rep productivity, marketing campaigns, opportunities, incidents, automated workflows, analytics and more.

Powerful Reporting & Dashboards

Build in-depth reports and utilize data-driven dashboards for a comprehensive and thorough analysis.

  • Create customized reports as interactive pie, bar, and line charts.
  • Choose from 60 standard reports or build your own.
  • Export reports as PDFs or Microsoft Word files.
  • Utilize dashboards and reports for management, sales, marketing, service, Contact Center, and more.

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Thorough Pipeline Management

Get a complete view into your sales pipeline so you always know the details of every opportunity.

  • View the sales funnel through the lens of a manager.
  • Always know what stage a prospect is at in the sales cycle.
  • Pinpoint challenge areas within specific parts of the pipeline.
  • Build accurate and reliable forecasts.
  • Analyze trends in sales through the funnel.

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Robust Relationship Management

Everything you need to cultivate and grow stronger relationships with customers, prospects and partners.

  • Identify how contacts are related to other contacts.
  • Designate relationships between businesses, suppliers, subsidiaries, etc.
  • Establish a company hierarchy among contacts within CRM.

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Savvy Workflow Automation

Let Aptean CRM do the work for you. Work smarter and more efficiently by automating your sales and marketing processes.

  • Add logic to execute multi-phased marketing campaigns.
  • Automate repetitive tasks and business processes to save time.
  • Automatically qualify and rank prospects.
  • Segment types of leads to designated sales reps.
  • Set time-based actions so you never miss a due date.

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Productivity Analysis

Track and measure your team’s progress, know the status of key opportunities and ensure you’re getting results.

  • Evaluate performance with Aptean CRM’s interactive management dashboard.
  • Compare productivity among departments and representatives.
  • Track detailed marketing campaign metrics.
  • Ensure key opportunities are handled correctly.
  • Make data-driven decisions.

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