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OnContact Defect Tracking


Keep a Close Eye on Defective Products.

If a situation arises where there’s a product model defect, you have to be prepared. With our defect tracking and escalation functionality, there’s no reason to panic. OnContact CRM Software by WorkWise gives customer service agents the ability to identify and track defects and bugs by categorizing incidents within the customer service application. Once entered, you’re able to assign representatives to handle the resolution, set a priority level, change the status of the incident, and ultimately establish standardized solutions to common issues.

Equip your customer service team with the resources they need to handle any and all service-related incidents.

Access Related Incidents

Quickly access all related incidents while viewing a defect or bug.

Record Defect Cases

Categorize defect cases by priority, status, part, version, product, and more.

Assign Reps for Resolution

Decide who handles the defect resolution by assigning a rep in OnContact.

Robust Defect Tracking and Escalation

Take Control of Product Quality

Product quality should always be in your control. If an issue arises where there’s a defective product model, our defect tracking capabilities, in conjunction with incident management, delivers a highly organized resolution approach. With OnContact, your customer service reps will be equipped with a robust defect tracking and escalation tool, so you can have peace of mind knowing incidents are being resolved and detailed records are being kept.

Defect Escalation

Do you need to escalate a defect incident to a higher priority level? Or assign multiple reps for multiple resolutions? Not a problem. OnContact’s defect escalation functionality makes it almost effortless to maintain an organized tracking log of all of the incidents related to a product defect. In addition, administrators are able to see who’s working on a resolution, how many resolutions there have already been for a particular model, and much more.

Drill Down

Our defect tracking tool enables customer service reps to quickly classify bugs and related incidents with specific criteria, including:

  • Type
  • Priority Level
  • Status
  • Part
  • Version
  • Product
  • And more

With such specificity, you’ll always have a strong history to look back on in case another defect or incident arises.

Add Notes and Attachments

Your customer service reps can also add attachments and customized notes to a defect or related incidents within OnContact. Adding notes and other attachments such as images, documents, etc. can prove useful when dealing with defective products, especially if additional incidents arise later on.

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