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Cloud or On-Premise CRM


The Ultimate Flexibility

Why settle? Aptean CRM Software by WorkWise lets you choose between our cloud or on-premise solutions, and gives you the freedom to switch if your business needs or requirements change.

Cloud or On-Premise?


Cloud (Hosted) Key Features:

  • Data is stored in your own secure and private cloud database (view hosting security policy)
  • Simple, cloud-based subscription pricing decreases entry costs
  • Get up and running fast
  • Fast, dependable and scalable environment hosted by Amazon Cloud Service
  • No expensive hardware or IT infrastructure needed
  • No system installation, maintenance or backup costs
  • Change over to Aptean CRM on-premise CRM anytime and apply any credits toward licenses

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On Premise Key Features:

  • Aptean CRM software is installed locally
  • Aptean CRM runs on your own hardware and is managed internally
  • Priced as a one-time perpetual license fee
  • No database size limitations
  • Additional, expanded options for integration with other applications
  • Flexibility to determine when you want to upgrade Aptean CRM
  • Move to the Aptean CRM cloud/hosted solution anytime

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Discover our exclusive features

Both Aptean CRM Cloud and On-Premise Solutions Offer

All the Extras

Both Aptean CRM cloud and on-premise solutions offer simple pricing and a complete solution. Choose between our Sales or Enterprise packages and our award-winning CRM software comes complete everything you need.


Take your data with you. Both our cloud and on-premise solutions can be accessed through the web or via the Aptean CRM mobile app.


Both of our hosted (cloud) and on-premise CRM plans include unlimited phone, email and chat support.

Online Training

All Aptean CRM customers get access to free online CRM training.


Both our cloud (hosted) and on-premise software solutions integrate with common office applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office.

Flexible Licensing

Get flexible licensing options with both our cloud and on-premise solutions.

Aptean CRM Cloud

Cost Effective

For most companies, cloud CRM is less expensive and more cost effective in the short run because you pay a lower monthly subscription cost.

Easy Implementation

With no system installation or expensive infrastructure costs, you’ll be up and running faster than ever.

Remote Accessibility

Whether you work from home or are constantly on the road, all you need is an internet connection to access Aptean CRM in the cloud.

No Ongoing Maintenance

There are no expensive ongoing maintenance costs and WorkWise fully manages your environment, security and upgrades.


Data is stored in your own secure and private cloud database.


Switch to on-premise CRM at any time and apply remaining credits towards licenses.


Complete Control

Aptean CRM is installed locally, giving you complete control over the software.

Secure Company Data

Aptean CRM on-premise runs on your own hardware and is managed internally, making it more private and secure than ever.

Integration Flexibility

On-Premise CRM offers additional, expanded options for integration with third-party software applications.

Simple Scalability

There are no database size limitations that get in the way of your growing enterprise.

Cost Effective

On-premise CRM is priced as a one-time perpetual license fee so it may be a better investment in the long run.


Switch to a cloud/hosted CRM at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of support is included?

Both our on-premise and cloud CRM plans provide unlimited phone, chat and email support. Users also have access to free online training, webinars and our online video library.

Is there training provided?

Yes, all CRM customers have access to free online software training, which includes manuals and how-to videos. WorkWise also provides free monthly training webinars.

How secure is my data on your server?

WorkWise recognizes that security, privacy, reliability and accessibility is of the utmost importance. We take great measures to administer a security policy that prospects your data and ensures the hosted CRM is fully functional.

What type of devices can I use to access the system?

Users of Aptean CRM have the ability to access the software through multiple mediums. Whether it is your desktop computer, tablet or cell phone, users are able to complete work in office or on the go.

Can I move from on-premise to the cloud (or vice versa)?

Yes, you can. Our software can grow and change as your business requirements grow and change. Aptean CRM allows users the flexibility to move from on-premise to cloud or from cloud to on-premise at any time.

What cloud management system stores my data?

Your Aptean CRM for the cloud data is hosted in Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud infrastructure, which delivers a highly available and secure hosted CRM package.

How much control do I have over on-premise CRM software?

Once your CRM software is implemented, on company grounds, you have control over the entire system, from determining when to update to tech fixes, your company (and IT department) have full management capabilities.

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