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Direct Relationships that Direct Results

Leaders in providing customer inspired solutions, Aptean CRM delivers powerful results through comprehensive sales, marketing automation and customer service software. Our complete CRM solution is developed, implemented and supported in-house, with no third party involvement. Work directly with Aptean CRM to grow your business.

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Complete Communication and Productivity in a Remote World

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition’s Remote Workforce Management software improves collaboration, communication and productivity amongst remote employees. With standout features including dashboards, opportunity management and customer service capabilities, assist your customer base and experience seamless communication across all departments, no matter where you are.

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Expect More From Sales CRM Software

Our award-winning sales CRM delivers complete sales management, marketing automation, and customer service functionality in a flexible, intuitive user experience.

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Activity SchedulerOrganize and keep track of all tasks, meetings, calls, emails, events and activity records with the Aptean CRM activity scheduler.


Detailed HistoryView detailed sales, marketing and customer service history, as well as contact preferences and characteristics.

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Visual Sales PipelineComplete visibility into your pipeline so you can track leads as they progress throughout your sales cycle.


Opportunities by statusTrack opportunity by status, opportunity totals by rep, and percent to close to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

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Lead ScoringUse lead scores to rank prospects and focus your efforts on the best opportunities – those who exhibit buying signals and behaviors.


Website visitor trackingAs your prospects navigate your website, Aptean CRM is building a detailed navigation history. Analyze how leads come to your website, what pages they visit, how much time they spend on each page and which pages are most effective.

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Drag & Drop InterfaceQuickly build emails with our intuitive drag & drop email designer. When ready, send it to your selected CRM contacts.


Preview ModePreview the email for mobile and desktop before sending.

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CRM MappingGet driving directions, create routes, find customers and prospects in the same area, save maps and more.


Maximize Travel PlansHelp your sales reps make the most of their trips by finding and locating other customers and prospects in the same area.

Sales CRM Features

Our award-winning CRM software for sales is easy-to-use, customizable and offers 6 suites with over 30 applications designed to grow your business to new levels of success.

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What is CRM?

CRM (customer relationship management) software is a system that manages a company’s interactions and relationships with both current and potential customers. CRM software enhances the customer relationship through managing customer interaction, tracking leads, and streamlining processes. A CRM’s overall goal is to increase sales by improving business relationships.

The Ultimate Flexibility Cloud Or On-Premise CRM

Why settle? Aptean CRM lets you choose between both types of customer relationship management software – cloud or on-premise offerings – and gives you freedom to switch if your business needs or requirements change.

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Drive Better Decision Making with Aptean CRM Software

With a birds-eye view into your sales, marketing and service efforts, Aptean CRM for sales delivers the tools you need to make powerful, informed decisions that enable you to better serve your customers, improve your relationships, streamline your sales process and increase your bottom line.

Make Better Decisions with CRM


Deliver Strategic Insights.

Sales CRM provides an integrated, real-time view of customers and leads across a company’s sales, marketing and service efforts. Equipped with these insights, managers are able to make strategic decisions to improve customer-focused operations.

Boost Sales Efforts.

Sales CRM is more than just contact management. It is a tremendous asset to help sales managers streamline their sales process, build accurate forecasts and determine innovative ways to manage opportunities and close more deals.

Data-driven Marketing Decisions.

Sales CRM provides marketing professionals with the tools and information they need to identify opportunities, launch successful marketing campaigns and ultimately give them the best return on investment.

New CRM users can pick up the software really quickly. It’s very easy to be able to know what you’re doing. We’ve had new users learn how to use the customer relationship management tool in as little as one day.

David Walsh

Senior Vice President of Technology

Goodway Technologies

Our sales people don’t have territories, so OnContact really helps us avoid cross-selling. It also lets us track the sales process: where prospects are at within the sales cycle and highlights certain opportunities to tackle. In addition, it helps us keep a much stronger database of information regarding our contacts and their companies.

Mary Edwards

Vice President

Coakley Brothers/Brothers Interiors

We looked at other big-name competitors in the CRM market, and OnContact CRM was the best fit without having to do all the heavy lifting. It does everything we need it to do. One of the reasons we selected OnContact CRM over other vendors is so we can pass data from CRM to ERP. In that, we really liked the features, functionality and flexibility in the software.

Matt Howell

Manager of Information Systems


We chose OnContact for a number of reasons. First, the value for the dollar. OnContact comes with a lot of features at a low price point. It’s also extremely flexible and easy to learn and use. We needed a CRM with a low learning curve, and that’s what OnContact provided.

Walter Heine

Director of Sales

Concorde Battery

I’ve never had an implementation this smooth. We mapped out all of the fields, figured out what we wanted in the new system, and had a couple of phone calls. I was blown away when the system was up and running and all of the data transfer was done the way we wanted. We had very few bumps and hiccups. Everybody was available, called back right away, emailed back right away.

Theresa Custer

Managing Director

Living As A Leader

OnContact provided exactly what we needed, and was also very affordable. I highly recommend OnContact, especially if you’re looking for an affordable CRM solution that’s easy to use and backed by a company that provides great customer service.

Stephanie Ohlfs

Marketing Manager

Waukesha State Bank

The screens and dashboards within OnContact CRM are incredibly easy to use and navigate. We no longer have to waste time endlessly scrolling and clicking. The product is user-friendly and designed to be efficient.

Dave Manahan

IT Director


OnContact CRM has improved the way we track our sales pipeline and given us an opportunity to make sure we’re following up with existing customers and prospects. As a manager, I now have something tangible to use in terms of sales productivity. Accountability is a lot easier.

Tom Sattler

Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

The Equitable Bank

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