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blog | February 23, 2018

How to Wow Your Customers Using CRM

Having client meetings can be anxiety inducing. Some fear it just as much as going to the dentist! While companies utilizing the WOW factor effectively is becoming more common,...

By WorkWiseSoftware

Having client meetings can be anxiety inducing. Some fear it just as much as going to the dentist! While companies utilizing the WOW factor effectively is becoming more common, it is essential that you learn to set yourself apart from your competitors in order to be successful. When used properly, CRM software is a tool that can help you create a happy, loyal and very impressed customer.

Keep It Short and Simple

Keep in mind that long presentations aren’t going to win anyone over. Keep to an agenda for your meeting, refer to CRM notes and ensure that the customer’s objectives are part of it.

Make sure you respond to their concerns and log these into your CRM system. The customer will appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration of their time, and you’ll have a record of what you discussed to refer to later.

Be Attentive During Customer Visits

Give special attention to their visit. Do not hand the reins over to someone internally who plans meetings, often they may misunderstand details that could be significant to the client. They also don’t have client knowledge to create a personalized experience for them, this should come from you!

You know your client’s personality and what is important to them based on your CRM notes, so ensure them that you’ve done your homework.

Eye contact, non-verbal cues and mannerisms are important. Show that you are engaged with the prospect by leaning in and nodding your head. These subtle non-verbal cues can have a big impact on how you are perceived by the prospect.

Good listening skills are critical. If a customer knows that you are listening and have a sincere interest in solving their problem then they will more than likely be interested and intent on listening to what you have to say.

Make Sure Your Staff Is Available and Knowledgeable

Ensure that your top staff is available for the meeting and be sure that they are educated on what is important to the client based on your CRM notes, as well as what they dislike.

Making sure that your staff knows your product/service so well that you can listen intently rather than thinking about what you are going to say next, shows confidence and a general understanding of the product you’re trying to sell. Also update them on the meeting agenda and discuss details to validate that all questions are answered.

If you find yourself stumped on a question asked during a customer meeting, instead of just saying, “I don’t know,” or providing an answer you think your customer wants to hear, add four essential words to the sentence: “I don’t know…but I’ll find out.” It will make a huge difference.

Having a knowledge base built using a CRM solution will help you quickly provide consistent answers in the future. CRM can also help you keep track of the most frequently asked questions, so you can be better prepared for answering them.

Allow Clients Opportunity to Share Their Needs

It is important to realize the meeting is about your customer, not about you or your product/service. By solving their challenges and issues, you will ultimately help them achieve their goals and get yourself a sale; however, your focus should be exclusively on them!

Prior to this meeting, check your CRM notes to determine any of the client’s challenges, goals for the year, and any organizational objectives. When the meeting begins, get the client talking by allowing them to share some information about themselves, and be sure to incorporate any information provided into your CRM software.

Practice Active Listening

Listening to a prospect’s needs, wants, concerns, etc. is one of the most important things you can do to make them want to buy more. If you don’t take the time to listen to your customer, the customer will think you don’t care about his/her business.

CRM software can help make a client feel important and enhance the relationships that help set you apart from competitors. It can also help ensure that they will be a customer for a long time to come and that they can help spread the word that your company provides excellent customer service. Positive remarks via word of mouth, are very valuable to any company.

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