Why Choose WorkWise ERP Over Competitors?

When evaluating ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions, there is a lot of generic, self-claimed praise to go through. For example, many companies will say, “We strive to give you the best customer service,” and, “our goal is to exceed expectations.” While these are nice to read, they mean practically nothing. Therefore, noting how they plan to give you customer service and how they can meet your specific expectations is important, and that can only be found out through detailed discussions. Rather than give you more generic statements, let me give you some more specific reasons why WorkWise ERP can be a great fit for you!

1: Our ERP is built exclusively for discrete manufacturers.

If you are not a discrete manufacturer, our apologies, but we are not the best fit for your company. If you are, however, you can rest assured our ERP has grown out of an MRP system built exclusively for manufacturing. From day one, that has been the goal, and with the changes other technologies have brought to the software world, our system has improved greatly.

2: We are the sole authors and developers.

The software we sell is ours. We did not buy it or rent it from another company. Given this, no one is a better source than us when dealing with our ERP. Our expertise, years of experience, and specific focus makes our system tailor made and configurable.

3: This ERP system is all we do.

We don’t have an ERP for construction companies, we don’t have one for financial institutions, it is strictly manufacturing. Since this is our entire focus, it allows us to produce a better-quality product and keep a lower overhead as we do not have the task load a larger software provider would. This passes on savings to you, the customer.

4: We handle all implementation and support ourselves.

Given we are the authors and it is our sole focus, we handle the implementation and support ourselves as well. We will not outsource this to resellers that are just trying to make a buck off selling you, and we are not trying to save a buck by hiring a third party overseas to offer support. You will always deal with us directly.

5: You can pick and choose which modules you want, so you do not pay for what you don’t need.

A lot of companies sell you their entire solution for a base price. This is fine if you need everything, but what if say you only need half or two-thirds of it? Do you want to pay an extra 33-50% for something you are not going to use? I would hope not. That is why we allow you to purchase just what you need and/or want to pay for. You can always add or remove modules as time goes on as well.

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