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blog | July 31, 2020

“We Are In This Together” – How a CRM Company or ERP Provider Can Help Right Now

We are in the middle of world change. With a global pandemic forcing humans and businesses to completely reorganize the way businesses are handled and ran, these unexpected times...

By Courtney Perry

We are in the middle of world change. With a global pandemic forcing humans and businesses to completely reorganize the way businesses are handled and ran, these unexpected times are incredibly stressful for everyone. Company Presidents to CEOs, managers and those in specific departments, are being forced to change their work styles, which now probably include more zoom meetings, phone conferences and adjusting their employees to working from home.

While work life has changed and unique challenges are now afoot, businesses can bring their companies together, create a sense of normalcy and continue with work thanks to their CRM and ERP software solutions. In today’s blog post, we will cover how both CRM and ERP software can help your business during these times.


Leveraging Your CRM Software

While many people across the world are sheltering in place at home, that means that they are more than likely working from home too. Businesses who work directly with the public, whether it is through providing a service, selling and shipping products or other actions, it is important to make sure that communication with your customers continues. CRM software gives businesses that opportunity.


Connect Your CRM to Your Business Website

Most CRM systems can be easily integrated to a website’s web form. What this means is that any information that online visitors give, such as giving contact information for newsletters, can be saved within your CRM system. With this extra step, it eliminates the possibility of information falling through the cracks and ensures that you will have important customer contact information.

Workflows, Alerts and Reminders

CRM software typically provides workflows, alerts and reminders, which makes work life easier for employees. With working from home becoming the new norm, as well as potentially dealing with a smaller set of employees, workflows are crucial because it can immediately and automatically take on tasks or delegate them to someone with a smaller workload. These tools, including alerts and reminders, essentially behave as a second brain. In case you were to forget a crucial detail, your CRM system is there to help you out.

Email Campaigns and Templates to Communicate with Customers

Most CRM systems have the ability to create emails from templates and send out emails in bulk to your customers. By using these capabilities, companies can send out consistent and professional communications to your customer base, no matter how large or small.


Leveraging Your ERP Software

ERP software helps businesses with their day-to-day business processes in an effort to create efficient, lean and better-automated businesses. During times of quarantine, this software solution is more important than ever. ERP provides analytics, data, business and finance help so that you are able to get a complete look into your business while ensure that it runs smoothly.


Take Advantage of the Cloud

With working from home in the middle of a crisis, having cloud ERP is a necessity. It provides your entire company, or specific departments, with the ability to use all parts of the ERP system so that their work and the entire business does not suffer. Cloud implementation is often a feature that most ERP providers offer, so when considering ERP in the future, consider moments such as working from home and how beneficial the cloud is during these times.


Materials and Inventory Tracking

For some essential businesses, either all or a small part of a business’s staff still works in a physical office space. The Materials suite, which is featured in most modern ERP software solutions allows ERP users to have a sense of their material functions and inventory. WorkWise ERP even features a UPS/FedEx Shipping Integration feature, which provides shipping options, records and tracking numbers.

During this time when shipping and delivery is harder to do, it is important to know exactly what your business is capable of doing so that can be communicated to your customers.


Production During a Crisis

ERP software will typically provide a Production suite, which helps to streamlining the manufacturing process, allowing businesses to keep up with their shop floor changes, schedule maintenance operations, manage quality and more. Just like shipping and delivery, production during a pandemic looks different too. With this feature, ERP users receive real-time data on their shop floor activity. This allows businesses to form stronger estimates of when products will be shipped and delivered to their customers.

Both CRM and ERP software are necessary tools for daily business work, but during times of sheltering in place they become a necessity. The features and suites that both systems provide, help to make running your business just like it was before, whether you are still in your physical office space or working from home.

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