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blog | May 16, 2013

Visual Scheduling Systems For Shop Floors

Don’t lose Sight of Your Shop Scheduling a shop is a complex task. With the volume of jobs, operations and rapid changes in the environment, optimizing the shop can...

By WorkWiseSoftware

Don’t lose Sight of Your Shop

Scheduling a shop is a complex task. With the volume of jobs, operations and rapid changes in the environment, optimizing the shop can be a formidable process. Fortunately today, there are tools, such as ERP software systems, that help the scheduler to stay on top of the shop and provide key insights to avoiding problems.

Spreadsheets and Frozen Reports

For smaller shops, spreadsheets are often used to schedule all the operations of the plant. This can have some degree of success for initial scheduling, particularly if the shop has relatively few steps in the routing. However, even in small shops, scheduling quickly becomes burdensome when things begin to change. Machinery downtime, employee absenteeism, and late delivery of vendor parts can all but make the spreadsheet worthless. Trying to reschedule every job quickly is virtually impossible.

Try Driving Your Car by Reports 

A similar situation exists for companies that try to drive their schedules with non-visual schedule reports. Changing schedules, then re-running reports, and then changing schedules and re-running schedules, over and over, becomes an impediment to changing the schedules at all. And, what good is a schedule that has not been updated with the latest changes? Almost worthless.

An ERP Visual Schedule to the Rescue

Fortunately, modern technology has come to the aid of the complex shop floor. Now there are visual schedules that have revolutionized the way to manage shop floor operations. These visual schedules allow easy insight into the minute by minute activities on the shop floor, and allow you to control the environment, no matter what curve ball is thrown at you. You can quickly identify problems, make adjustments right on the screen, and see the results of your changes immediately. You are in total control in each moment, and can optimize the results as things continue to change. Scheduling has never been more easy to understand, and more productive in achieving your results.

Features of ERP Visual Schedule Software

Benefits of ERP Visual Schedule


Shop floor activities can quickly surpass the capabilities of manual scheduling, and spreadsheet assisted scheduling. And even automated reports can become tedious and cumbersome to the point where they are abandoned by your scheduling personnel.

Fortunately, inexpensive technology has replaced the manual, spreadsheet and report based systems. This technology has provided benefits that show up in production efficiencies, throughput, and customer satisfaction of delivery.

No longer should a competitive manufacturer allow their shop floors to operate without the insights and benefits of a visual schedule system.

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