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blog | May 08, 2018

Using Social Media to Market – Instagram

Many businesses are now using social media to market their business. What was once used as a tool to connect and communicate with others is now a tool that...

By Courtney Perry

Many businesses are now using social media to market their business. What was once used as a tool to connect and communicate with others is now a tool that allows businesses to push their company message out to the masses. Social media is a great way to show personality, allow your following to know you better and meet your customer base where they are, which is through their smartphones. It can also work as a great way to extend your customer service by giving customers an additional way to reach out to you.

We discussed the importance of social media channel Twitter last week and how it can be used as a great way to market toward your specific audience. The wonderful thing about social media is that there are many other channels that afford you the ability to use it as a marketing tool. This week let’s discuss Instagram and how the image based platform can help your business.

What is Instagram? – A Crash Course

For those who may not know, Instagram is a free photo and video sharing social networking app for smartphones, which is now owned by Facebook. Instagram users can upload images or videos, sharing them with their followers. Users can also like, comment and share Instagram posts as well as post images and videos to Instagram Stories, a feature that we will explain in the next section of this blog post.

Instagram Features  

Here are some of the most popular features along with their definitions and how to utilize them.

How Can This Social Media Channel Help Your Business?

As mentioned in our last blog post about social media, it can be a tool to help a business do some of their best and most innovative marketing work. Because Instagram is such an image based social media platform, marketing there will be just a bit different. But the great thing is, it can be done!

  1. Develop A Recognizable Brand – Consistency helps your customer base remember you and not confuse you with other brands. An important rule of thumb is to use a consistent name and profile image. Changing your Instagram name and profile image on a consistent basis takes away your customer’s ability to recognize who they follow. All interactions and engagement with customers through Instagram will be accompanied by this image, so make it something professional and recognizable. Developing an image that will stick with users, can also help associate them with the services you provide, hopefully in a positive way.
  2. Your Bio is Important! – When Instagram users go to a specific profile, one of the first things that they will see (specifically read) is your bio. Make it short and sweet, but also relevant to what your business does. Your bio is also a great location to place the link to your company’s website. It encourages user click through, which can potentially lead to a customer purchase. Treat your bio as an additional opportunity to gain user interest. Additional pieces of information to place into your bio is your store location along with a geotag for specific directions.
  3. Promote Your Products with Creative Directions – Instagram is an image based platform, so making sure that the images you post are in great quality, unique and brand specific. This will help you stand out. If you are an e commerce business, images truly matter. Remember to look at Instagram as a marketing opportunity that can turn traffic into sales. Posting attention grabbing images can play a role in sales.

Additional Help from CRM

There are other ways to market your business and that includes customer relationship management software, most commonly known as CRM software. Social CRM brings a new element to CRM software because instead of simply dealing with data and information as it relates to customers, it deals with conversations. Here are some of the benefits that come with social CRM:

Social media is a powerful tool, it allows for more transparency between a business and its customers. It also gives businesses a chance to truly develop their brands and show personality. Embracing social media for what it can do for your business and meeting customers where they are which is the internet, is a great way to get to know your customer base in order to market to them effectively.

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