4 Tips for a Successful Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing. While both departments are almost always working toward the same overarching goals, they’re not always integrated or working together seamlessly. In some cases, organizations will devote time and energy to only one of these departments, without approaching the two functions as equally valuable. Below, we’ll go over some important tips to keep in mind when beginning the process of creating and sustaining a successful sales and marketing-aligned organization.

Goals alignment

As aforementioned, the goals of sales and marketing are almost always the same. At the end of the day, both areas of your organization are trying to accomplish company growth. And that objective can’t just be done by the sales team, and it can’t just be done by marketing alone. Both parties need to be integrated and work together to accomplish growth.

Another common goal between the two departments is lead generation and lead development. While marketing is commonly viewed as the go-to when it comes to bringing in leads, it also lies in the hands of hardworking inside and outside sales reps to fill the sales pipeline, whether that’s through relationship building, customer referrals, LinkedIn searching and contacting, etc. Ensuring you’re tackling the same goals is crucial to a workable, integrated organization.

Hold frequent joint meetings

Have everyone meet and get to know each other. It’s that simple. And there are a number of different ways to do this. Perhaps the easiest is with weekly or biweekly meetings. If you’re having a weekly sales meeting, it might be wise to invite the marketing department to sit in every other meeting. This way, marketing will have a better understanding of what sales is targeting and going after—it also gives marketing a chance to share where they’re going after leads and their current tactics.

There’s an even easier way to get the two departments on the same page, however, and it starts at the beginning. Having an onboarding meeting with both sales and marketing newly-hired employees creates an opportunity for communication and openness that might not be there without an introduction. A lot of the time, sales reps just don’t know exactly what marketing is doing, or how they’re helping, and vice versa. Having these open conversations and meetings is a great place to start the dialogue.

Utilize CRM

When you’ve got the same goals drawn out, you should also be sharing the same data and analytics. There’s no better way to share the progress of a campaign (or a sales pipeline) than with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. By implementing this solution for your sales and marketing teams, you’re equipping everyone with the same data and the same visibility. There’s no hidden agendas, no lack of accountability.

Invest time together

In the end, the key to having a seamlessly working team of salespeople and marketers is being comfortable around each other and opening the lines of communication. Spend time together, and encourage team bonding activities between the two departments. When you’re actively working together, or you’re simply bonding over an out-of-office activity, you’ll be much more comfortable collaborating across the board.

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