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blog | February 05, 2018

Time Management Tips for Marketers

We have talked about time management on our blog before. It’s easy to get caught working on one project to the point where you forget to work on your...

By WorkWiseSoftware

We have talked about time management on our blog before. It’s easy to get caught working on one project to the point where you forget to work on your other duties. It is also pretty hard to manage your time when you have a slew of tasks that need to be completed during the day. Deadlines, schedules, meetings and everything in between can truly make work life difficult for anyone. In today’s blog we’ll talk about marketers and time management tips. Continue reading below on ways to better manage your time in the workplace as a marketer.

What Does A Marketer Do?

Before discussing the different ways a marketer can better manage their time, let’s do a quick overview of what a marketer does. In a marketing position, your job is to showcase the business that you work for in a positive light. Different duties such as content writing, press releases and social media updates are just some marketing efforts meant to increase business visibility, create an upward swing in sales and develop an engaged customer base. Other tasks include, developing campaigns, organizing focus groups and even providing copy for advertisements.

Time Management Tip #1: Setting Time Limits

This is a simple tip, but can be incredibly effective if followed. Setting a specific amount of time per project allows you to focus solely on one thing, with the knowledge that you have to move on after the allotted time is complete. Setting time for  projects also increases your chances of being more productive because you are on a time constraint. Giving yourself a short amount of time to handle simpler tasks such as social media postings and longer amounts for content writing, places a priority on duties. It also makes you consider how much time simple to more difficult tasks typically take. Setting a timer even helps create a sense of urgency.

Time Management Tip #2: Outsource Tasks

For marketing managers, there tends to be a bit more on your plate as you have your own duties as well managing others within the marketing department. With so much to do, it is understandable that you would lose track of time or simply feel overwhelmed with stacks of projects may never diminish. Outsourcing tasks to others within your department is a great way to begin scrubbing your plate clean. Typically, marketing assistants take on additional projects that marketing managers do, which can be a win/win. The assistant gains experience, while the manager is able to free their schedule to focus on other duties.

Time Management Tip #3: invest in Time Saving Management Tools

Creating and remembering passwords, thinking of ways to create new content and organizing notes is part of a marketer’s job. While these things may not seem like they could waste too much of your time, it can add up. There are many tools to research and invest in, which will help you remember those pesky passwords, refresh old content and organize all of your ever important notes. Let’s cover a few:

Customer Relationship Management Software and Time Management

Using CRM software is also the perfect way to better manage your time. There are many features that come with it including a team calendar, which lets you know what other members of your department are up to. The automation feature gives you the opportunity to complete a large amount of work all at once, such as sending out multiple emails/newsletters to multiple contacts.

Managing your time can be hard, especially in the workplace. However, there are ways to make it easier to handle. We hope that our short list can make your work duties easier to handle.

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