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blog | March 02, 2018

Time Management 101 for CRM Managers

Recently, while driving down the expressway, I peered to my left to see a woman who in the middle of traffic was putting her lipstick on as if there...

By WorkWiseSoftware

Recently, while driving down the expressway, I peered to my left to see a woman who in the middle of traffic was putting her lipstick on as if there was just no other time that this could be done. I thought to myself, “how often do you feel this way at work – that there just isn’t enough time in the day?”

Time, and the lack of it from a management perspective is an ongoing struggle for many CRM software managers. Not only are they managing staff to ensure their CRM work is done, but they also have their own CRM work that needs to be attended to.

So, how can CRM tasks be completed in the standard work day? By implementing a few simple, yet productive practices geared toward helping you stay on track an minimize interruptions.

Set aside dedicated, uninterrupted time.

If you know that your CRM staff starts at 8 am, be there at 7 am to allow yourself time with no interruptions where you can get to things that need your attention without being bothered. Off peak periods are the best time to do this. Record in your customer relationship management software.

Have your voicemail reflect your CRM schedule

A good method to deal with this is to have your voicemail indicate that you won’t be available until “x” time and have your receptionist hold your calls as well. This will allow you to give full attention to the task at hand using CRM Software.

Keep Staff Up to Date

Ensure that your staff is notified of your availability or lack of during that time. It is also critical that they are aware of who should be contacted at that time for matters that come up that may require a CRM manager’s attention. Many times this task can be fulfilled by a senior CRM rep or handled once you are available. By letting CRM staff know in advance they will have an opportunity to get any questions/concerns regarding CRM software answered prior to that time.

Set Objectives

Have a dedicated time to set objectives for what you would like to accomplish during that time and stick to it. Often people will find other things that derail them from completing the CRM task they originally set out to do. If you have a monthly report due but there are 5-6 other CRM tasks that could use your attention, then you need to prioritize what is the most important and in what order you are going to address the items that need your attention.


Time management does not have to be difficult but it does require practice. By carefully monitoring your time so that you are making productive use of it and setting aside uninterrupted time to work on your individual tasks you will find it easier to get to more things done . Using CRM software increases time management. That short amount of time can provide amazing benefits for both yourself and your CRM team!

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