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blog | January 29, 2020

Small to Medium Sized Manufacturers

Small business manufacturers are the blood that courses through the veins of the manufacturing in all industrialized countries. Whether making massive amounts of piece parts for the defense and...

By Courtney Perry

Small business manufacturers are the blood that courses through the veins of the manufacturing in all industrialized countries.

Whether making massive amounts of piece parts for the defense and auto industry or engineering major complex sub-components for large industrial products, these vital companies are placed squarely in a critical location at the very front of the manufacturing supply chain.

Ranging in size from small but highly skilled specialty fabricators in the $10M-$25M sales range, to 2nd and 3rd tier $30M-$50M producers for Fortune 100 companies, these enterprises have all the challenges of companies 20 times their size and must judiciously ensure that they have a complete picture of their business processes with a greater degree of accuracy and timeliness than larger companies since their margin for error is much narrower.

A major challenge for manufacturers lies in handling the wide variety of quality products, and the complexity of producing them within existing capacity. With major customers that are some of the largest and most sophisticated companies in the world and who demand more variety, shorter lead times, and lower prices, manufacturers require great flexibility while still maintaining precision execution.  Their customers also demand closer relationships with easier sharing of information on products, orders, changes and design.

Fortunately, WorkWise ERP has unique features that address all these situations, helping to bring these challenges under control.

What is ERP Software?

Enterprise resource planning software is a business technology solution that businesses, including manufacturers, use to collect, manage, store, and communicate business data across all functions of the business.

This system improves productivity, increases communication and creates one central “source of the truth” for company data. It doesn’t matter how small a business is, ERP is truly an asset needed for success.

What makes ERP so important for small to medium sized manufacturers is its ability to provide company analytics, store company information, increase communication and manage finances. With these benefits, these companies know exactly where they are business-wise, and how to grow.

The Best ERP Solution for Small Manufacturers

There are many options in the market when it comes to ERP software, some made for large business and others for smaller companies, and while many ERP solutions have specific industries in mind, WorkWise ERP is designed with discrete manufacturers in mind, and works for companies of all sizes.

  1. Suites and Applications. WorkWise ERP includes 6 separate suites and over 45 essential ERP applications. No matter the style of manufacturing your business requires, WorkWise ERP provides you with complete, customizable options. Whether your critical needs are with marketing, engineering, finance, planning, or production, WorkWise ERP makes work easier.
  2. Flexible Deployment Options. WorkWise ERP users have their choice of either on-premise or cloud implementation. For small businesses, the cloud solution is ideal because it provides options for remote users who may or may not be in the office, and also is a perfect solution if your business uses “virtual” office space.
  3. Multiple Industries Served. Manufacturing is an extremely broad industry with varying levels of complexity. WorkWise ERP has over 15 years of experience and boasts a wide range of industries served, from industrial vehicles and capital equipment manufacturers to small metal and electronic piece part providers.
  4. Customization Capabilities. Assembled to meet the individual needs of each user, WorkWise ERP allows its customers to customize their solution. Especially important for smaller manufacturers, specific suites and applications can be selected which are needed to help run the business from day one, and then as conditions change, additional applications can be added to grow and expand the business to meet key competitive pressures.
  5. Central Database. Manufacturing businesses need organization. WorkWise ERP is a central repository where company information is stored and accessed by any user with a need to know. For small to medium sized manufacturing businesses, this improves company collaboration and communication as well as eliminates the potential for costly mistakes.

There are dozens of choices for small manufacturing companies in need of ERP software. Discovering what your business needs (and how much you’re willing to spend) helps to eliminate ERP solutions that don’t match up and gives you a shortlist of your best options.

Most manufacturing businesses utilize these ERP features the most:

Ultimately, small to medium manufacturing businesses need the same structure, organization and communication as larger scale companies. WorkWise ERP can provide those things making work life easier and accurate.

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