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blog | March 07, 2018

Signs That It Is Time to Quit Using Spreadsheets and Pick up CRM

It happens to every business, the methods or tools that you use to help with daily activities eventually become outdated or simply make your job harder, not easier, to...

By Courtney Perry

It happens to every business, the methods or tools that you use to help with daily activities eventually become outdated or simply make your job harder, not easier, to do. When this begins to happen, it is probably the best time to find a way to create a more seamless flow at work and within your specific job position. Many employees use standard types of software’s and spreadsheets because it is always what has been done, even though it may not be the most effective.

Spreadsheets are used so frequently in offices around the world and because it is common, most people accept it for all of its flaws because it is something that has to be used. When wanting to work smarter and not harder, we have to exercise our options, try new things and move on from old habits. In today’s blog post, we’ll talk about one specific change that could end up being the difference between a long and strenuous work day and one that moves efficiently and with ease. Here are three reasons why you should stop using spreadsheets and move on to CRM software.

Reason #1: Frequent Inaccurate Records

If your job requires you to deal heavily with numbers that probably means you have to be accurate 100% of the time and with a business’s depending on correct information, there isn’t time to be wrong. There is also the chance that misspellings may occur to, it is easy to make small mistakes and never noticing them before sending a spreadsheet to entire departments or company CEOs’. Other things that can go wrong with using spreadsheets are overwrites and suffering from information being deleted, double record entry and formula issues.

Using CRM in place of spreadsheets helps to correct the mistakes that could happen in the form of inaccurate information or common misspellings.

Reason #2: You Do More Admin Work Than Expected

We mentioned the term “work smarter, not harder” earlier in this blog because, working hard does not mean you have accomplished all of your goals and assignments in one day of work. There are times when you may spend way more time on one assignment because it is either difficult or tedious. There is a possibility that using spreadsheets consumes most of your staff’s day. Consider whether or not these things happen during your workday:

Reason #3: Your Spreadsheets Give a Disorganized Feel

Even if your business insists on using spreadsheets versus CRM software, depending on the size of your business keeping a grasp on what could potentially be hundreds of spreadsheets could lead to a lack of organization. Another factor to also consider is other folders containing important business information such as invoices, contact information, etc.. Consider how tedious that task of searching for each specific folder and spreadsheet in search for these items could be especially when you need to find information quickly.

These are just three reasons out of many covering the ways that spreadsheets can potentially lead to disaster. CRM software organizes information in a convenient and easy to find way, making your job easier and freeing yourself of mundane tasks that take away from your other duties.

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