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blog | November 11, 2019

Rolling in the Dough: Pizza Prices in Your City

There is nothing – NOTHING we tell you – better than the smell of fresh pizza from your favorite pizza joint. Even as we move into the holidays, the...

By Courtney Perry

There is nothing – NOTHING we tell you – better than the smell of fresh pizza from your favorite pizza joint. Even as we move into the holidays, the time of year best known for copious amounts of homemade food, pizza is one of those staples that get us through the days when we’re cooking up a storm. When family converges on our homes and our entire lives feel like the opening scene of Home Alone, pizza is one of those quick and easy meals you can feed anyone and everyone (provided you get a plain cheese for Kevin!). 

We were curious to see how much we actually spend on nature’s perfect food, so we took a look at a pizza data sample to see what kind of numbers we could get on the topic. So as we move into the holiday season, if you’re looking to take a break from slaving away over meals, this is how much it’s going to cost you.


Those of you who live in Memphis are going to have to break out your checkbooks! The average price of a pizza in Memphis was a whopping $32.50, compared to New Orleans which came in second and only cost about $29 on average. Meanwhile, Colorado Springs, Detroit, El Paso, Nashville, San Jose, Tampa, and Wichita can order some garlic knots to accompany their pizza, since the average price for a pizza in all six cities is just $12.50.


US map showing how much people spend on pizza in each city in a year

According to our source, the average American eats around 40 pizzas a year. That’s a diet we can get behind! Based on the average cost of 1 pizza, the lowest about the average American spends on pizza is around $500 per year, if you wind up ordering and consuming 40 pizzas. Meanwhile, if you are unfortunate enough to live in one of the more expensive city for our favorite food group, you could be spending upwards of $750 annually on pizza all the way up to $1,300 annually in Memphis! Worth it? Yes. A lot of dough to spend on pizza? Also yes.


US map showing the average price of a slice of pizza in each city

By the slice, the numbers get even crazier. According to our source, on average, we’ll consume 6,000 slices of pizza in our lifetime. Based on the city by city price of pizza and assuming the average pizza converts to 8 slices, we were able to estimate the price per slice. These numbers make us feel a bit better about deciding to order in from our favorite pizza place so often since only Memphis, New Orleans, Long Beach, and Tuscon have an average of over $3 per slice. 

Wondering what the price of pizza looks like a little closer to home? Check out the numbers for your city based on our data analysis in this table.

If you’re looking to become Domino’s newest franchise owner, you’ll probably want to try your luck on the east coast. The popular chain is the most searched pizza spot for 9 of the 15 states along the east coast and proves to be in control of more states than any other chain in the country. If your clock is set to central standard time (CST) however, you’re much more likely to search for a Pizza Hut to cater to your late-night cravings.


It’s clear from this graph that Domino’s reigns “supreme” as the pizza supplier of the US, they seem to be engaged in a turf war with third-place Sbarro for the king of the northeast. A fan favorite in the northwest, and apparently the entire US, Papa Murphy’s makes it into the top 4 despite their non-traditional “take ‘n’ bake” pizza approach. In Nebraska, Godfather’s Pizza takes the cake but still managed to miss out on the four-way tie between Cici’s, Little Caesar’s, Marco’s, and Mellow Mushroom.

So, this year if you’re trying to figure out how to feed your family after a long week leading up to without losing your mind, you can estimate how much it’ll cost you! Just don’t forget the plain cheese. And if you’re looking for simple ways to make your customers as loyal to you as they are to their favorite pizza joint, check out our CRM software here! Our professionals would love to help you.

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