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blog | May 10, 2019

The Top Searched Coffee Drink by State

Morning routines are unique to everyone, whether it involves the snooze button, an early morning workout, breakfast on the go, or taking the dog for a walk. However, there...

By WorkWiseSoftware

Morning routines are unique to everyone, whether it involves the snooze button, an early morning workout, breakfast on the go, or taking the dog for a walk. However, there is a nearly universal constant associated with morning routines – the consumption of large amounts of caffeine.

This consumption can range from casually drinking it when you need a little help waking up to needing significant amounts of caffeine just to make it through the day without unfortunate side effects. Here at WorkWise, we all tend to have our routines when it comes to our morning coffee. Some of us drink it black, some prefer espresso-based drinks, and we even have a few tea drinkers among us. Our morning routines tend to be fairly regular – we choose the same drinks, from the same places, and tend to go at the same time. We’re loyal to our drinks and our local coffee joints.

This says a lot about us as customers. We mostly stick to our tried and true favorites because we trust them. Our customer loyalty to something as simple as our coffee orders is exactly what we help our clients try to create every day through our work. We got curious and decided to see what kind of coffee drinks and chains people have loyalty to throughout the United States.

We examined search volume for basic types of coffee drinks, as well as a few specialties from each menu. We also looked at search volume for the top ten coffee chains in the United States. You can see the results of our research below.

The results for the top-searched drink by state varied widely throughout the country. Only one state, Hawaii, had a tea-based drink as their most popular caffeinated beverage. It turns out that most people are turning to coffee for their caffeine according to search volume.


The trendy coffee drinks that are dominating Instagram are certainly evident in the most searched drinks throughout the US. Caramel macchiatos and flat whites tied for the most popular coffee drinks in the US and cappuccinos and cold brew coffee tied for second place. According to this study, people seem to prefer the basic drinks over fancier options. Starbucks’s cinnamon shortbread latte, cinnamon dolce latte, frappuccinos, and cordusio were far less common than your average latte, mocha, or regular coffee.




















Of course, we couldn’t run a study on coffee preferences without looking into our favorite coffee chains! Most of us are Starbucks fans, but there are a couple of Dunkin and Caribou loyalists among us.


As you can see, Starbucks is the fan favorite with a whopping 40 states searching for Starbucks above any other coffee chain. The recently rebranded Dunkin won New England over, surprising absolutely no one who lives there. Meanwhile, Caribou Coffee came out on top in North Dakota and Minnesota.


Just to highlight how steadfast New England loyalty is, you can see the evidence here! Only in the Northeast region will you see Dunkin beat out Starbucks.

While it might seem that loyalty to coffee has little bearing on customer relationship management, a person who incorporates a specific product or company into their daily routine has exactly the type of relationship we aspire to create between all of our clients and their customers. If you’re working on finding the best way to foster devoted customer relationships, ask our experts here!

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