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blog | October 10, 2019

Mobile ERP for the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is quite vast. Equipment, vehicles, metal fabrication and food and beverage equipment types are just some of the products that manufacturers help to produce on a...

By Courtney Perry

The manufacturing industry is quite vast. Equipment, vehicles, metal fabrication and food and beverage equipment types are just some of the products that manufacturers help to produce on a day-to-day basis. Many manufacturers use ERP software to assist with inventory, shop floor management and financial management. Since there is always work for a manufacturer to do, there is little down time involved, which is why we’re making the case for a more portable type of ERP software.

Mobile usage is such the norm in today’s society that it is now moving over into the world of software. Having access to much needed systems, like ERP, whenever and wherever provides many benefits that your business can begin to experience.

Continue reading to learn more about benefits that the manufacturing industry can experience with implementing mobile ERP software.

Benefits of Mobile ERP

1. Anytime Access to Enterprise, Business and Manufacturing Intelligence

The biggest benefit that manufacturers can experiencing by having mobile ERP is immediate access, no matter where you are to important company information. Mobile ERP is perfect for employees who work out of office or are always on the road.

This type of access increases productivity, improves the quality and accurate of company information and always customers to receive assistance at a much faster rate.

2. Improved Responsiveness to Customer and Prospect Needs and Inquiries

Implementing mobile ERP for manufacturers to use would allow employees to improve the overall quality of customer service. Having access to needed and relevant information through a mobile device allows manufacturers to have intel on things such as inventory, shop floor, job cost and business metrics.

Having access to this information with your mobile device allows manufacturers to resolve issues quickly, which improve the overall customer service experience.

3. Improved Communication and Collaboration

ERP acts as a central space for all important company information. This information can be used when needed and updated in real time throughout the system for all of its users to use when needed. Being able to use your mobile device to update information in the system can do two things: improve communications and collaboration.

ERP breaks down company silos, which allows department to communicate and share information freely and with ease. It also improve collaboration because of this shared information. Mobile ERP helps to increase these opportunities.

4. Faster Decision Making

Mobile ERP means faster decision making. With the option to use your ERP software on your mobile device, you can be out of the office or visiting a customer while also using the information within your ERP to make important decisions for your business. This allows manufacturers to respond to pressing concerns quickly instead of waiting to get back to their offices in order to make important and even timely decisions.

5. Accurate Data Capture 

Mobile ERP makes it easy for software users to enter important and relevant information into the system accurately. All of this is done without rekeying information and ensures no duplicate data entry. Making sure that information is placed into the system correctly makes the creation of analytics, tracking inventory and managing financials easy to do and gives confidence to companies to complete manufacturing work with swift accuracy. Ultimately, this improves overall company productivity.

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