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blog | April 24, 2018

Marketing for a Startup Company

There are many feelings that go along with starting a business. It can be thrilling, finally getting your idea out of your head and into a physical form, but...

By Courtney Perry

There are many feelings that go along with starting a business. It can be thrilling, finally getting your idea out of your head and into a physical form, but it can also be stressful having so many moving parts to juggle. Let’s add another moving part to the large amount of juggling that you are already doing, marketing. For a startup there is no precedent or blueprint as to how to market a brand new business, so everything that a startup business owner would do in terms of marketing and branding is up to them.

With this knowledge, startup business owners are able to create their own ideas for marketing.

Tips to Use When Marketing Your Startup

  1. What Does Your Startup Consider to Be A Success?

First, determining what success means to your company in terms of marketing helps your company establish goals and work toward them accordingly. Defining success varies from person to person, as it does from company to company. Maybe your company wants to achieve a specific amount of sales, or amass a certain number of clients. What are your goals? Making them clear to both yourself and the team you work with helps establish what you want to work toward and what tools are needed to get there. Remaining consistent on your company goals is important.

  1. Determine Your Target Audience

Every business and every product has a specific person in mind. Who can this business help? What industry will their products work best in? Who are you trying to reach? How old is this demographic? These questions are important to ask because it will make you think deeply about your target audience, picturing the faces and maybe even the occupations of the people who will best benefit from what your company has to offer. Once you gain a better understanding of who your audience is, you are then able to begin working toward your specific marketing goals.

Those marketing goals can consist of the best ways to reach this audience. It could be social media marketing, marketing through email or even standard mail. Conducting research on your audience and testing different forms of marketing to see what they respond to will also help you determine the most effective way to get your message across.

  1. Convey Your Message Clearly By Knowing Your Brand

The best way to do convey a specific message is by knowing who you are as a company. How do you do that? It is all about research and developing a clear cut definition of who your business is. There are also additional avenues that you can take to display to your audience who you are. Social media is a great way to showcase personality and give the world, specifically your audience, a true glimpse at who you are as a company.

Software That Can Help With Startup Marketing?

There is also another way in which your startup can see a boost in its marketing and that is through customer relationship management software, most commonly known as CRM. CRM helps build the bond between a company and its customers through its many features including, sales and marketing automation, improving customer service, QuickBooks integration and even a mapping feature. Let’s list a few other ways using CRM for your startup can help you get your marketing efforts off the ground and up and running.

Startup companies have many challenges ahead of them as they work to establish themselves. For all businesses, marketing is something that requires a consistent effort. You want to deliver a specific message to your customer base, especially as a company that is working to establish itself in the business world.

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