March Madness is Exciting, but ERP Madness is Not

March Madness. Whether you are a college basketball fan or not, it seems like everyone has a team they like in the tournament, and everyone is rooting for a double-digit seed to make the final four and amaze the country. And why not? There is just something that burns within us that wants to see the little guy do better than the big guy for once; a modern David vs Goliath scenario. All the madness that results in this one and done spectacle is exciting, but one area you do not want madness: in your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. In fact, it is better not to have excitement in your ERP at all. You should have expectations, plans, a process, and an agreed upon reaction based on how the company uses the software. Let’s look at some other ways you do not want your ERP to be like March Madness.

– March Madness is unpredictable, what your ERP does and how you use it should be.

From start to finish, you should know what is going to happen. There is a workflow that includes different stations and employees working on jobs, what materials are needed and if you need to order anymore, and what the billing and shipping will be. There is something to track every stage of the process so there are no surprises and you can check in on the status of a job at any time. It is almost the opposite in predicting the tournament. You know there will be upsets, but you do not know who, where, when, or how. There are certain trends, such as a 12 beating a 5 seed, but it is still unpredictable. It is a good thing using your ERP is not like this, as then the company would suffer significantly with inconsistent quality of work and untimely finished jobs.

-Everyone involved in the ERP works toward a common goal, everyone in March Madness is fighting against one another.

As great as the tournament is, it ends with 67 teams losing and only one winning it all. 67 teams will go home unsatisfied and be wishing they had done more. Some teams may take moral victories in making it to the elite eight or final four, but they do not want it to end there. Each game is a fight against others looking to accomplish the same thing and nothing comes easy. While working in your ERP, it should be quite the opposite. Everyone should be on the same page working toward the same goal, regardless of the department. So, when a job is complete or the day is done, every employee should go home feeling happy or satisfied.

-March Madness is simple: you win and move on. ERP is far more complex.

Using your ERP is a complicated process. Most have over 40 modules and can handle everything from accounting, production, payroll, HR, shipping, billing, engineering, and more. There are many stages a job must go through and many people play a role in a completed job start to finish. There are different levels and different needs at each stop. In the tournament, it is the same thing each round: one game, win and you move on or lose and you go home. Whether it be the round of 64 or the final four, it is one game between two teams to settle it.

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