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blog | March 02, 2018

Major Benefits to Mobile CRM

Today’s companies are moving faster than ever. The traditional “9 to 5, Monday through Friday” concept of the work week is diminishing and being replaced by a mobile workforce...

By WorkWiseSoftware

Today’s companies are moving faster than ever. The traditional “9 to 5, Monday through Friday” concept of the work week is diminishing and being replaced by a mobile workforce that use smartphones and tablets to stay connected. This is especially true of your sales team, who are frequently away from the office and need access to business applications and operations while on the road.

Equipping your sales force with a mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform presents a greater degree of flexibility and extends numerous strategic benefits to your company. Here is a look at seven major benefits of giving your sales force access to a mobile CRM solution.

  1. Improved Sales Force Productivity.With mobile CRM, your sales team has immediate access to critical information at exactly the time they need it. No matter where they are, mobile CRM allows them to stay connected, access account information, view customer purchase history, log activities and so forth. Gone are the days of answering customer inquiries with, “I’m on the road…I’ll have to email it to you later.”
  2. Increased Sales.With all the information they need at their fingertips, sales people using a mobile CRM system can spend less time tracking down contact information, trying to recall conversations with prospects, searching through emails, etc. This means they have more time to do what they do best – sell.
  3. Greater Communication and Insight.While mobile CRM certainly benefits the sales reps on the road, it also benefits sales managers back at the office who want to stay informed. Mobile CRM gives sales managers on-demand access to everything that is happening with their team. This increased insight allows them to be more proactive and respond to potential problems before they arise.
  4. Faster Access to Sales Material – A sales rep can send out promotional marketing sheets, pricing guidelines, product information brochures, etc. directly from a mobile CRM application, which eliminates the need to deliver in person, send through the mail, or send in an email later. This instant action of sending important materials will save the rep time so he or she can focus their efforts on customer service and sales actions.
  5. A Visible To-Do List
    Using mobile CRM, the rep’s to-do’s will be clearly organized and scheduled, eliminating the need for sticky notes, a typed-up document, or a white board. And because everything is visible in real-time, supervisors and coworkers can now check the rep’s availability and easily access when important meetings with certain prospects or customers may be. Consequently, it will help save time and increase accountability.
  6. Live Lead Records
    Using mobile CRM, a sales rep can easily check all past communications and records with a prospect or customer with just a quick glance at their smartphone or tablet. This up-to-date information can be a great prep tool to remind the rep of what has previously been discussed, what needs to be discussed, and what the next steps in the communication process will be.
  7. Less Paperwork, Faster Processing
    For documents typically given on paper (quotes, order forms, agreements, etc.) mobile CRM can handle all of these documents electronically. A rep can create and send a quote to a prospect or customer, deliver order forms to the appropriate contacts, and add signed agreements into CRM. Not only is this convenient for the rep, it is also convenient for the company as a whole, the prospect or customer, and the prospect or customer’s company.

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