How CRM Can Give Your Content Marketing a Jump Start

If you are familiar with content writing, you may occasionally experience difficulties getting your work to rank on search engines. There are even struggles with trying to find ways to gain attention from readers and subsequently generate a following. Finally, another struggle with content writing is making your subject something that is interesting and worth reading, especially if it is a topic that the general public may not be too interested in.

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about content marketing, what it is and how to make people stop and notice through the usage of CRM software.

Content Marketing. What Is It?

Before we begin discussing the ways in which customer relationship management software can assist with giving your content marketing the push it needs, let’s define the phrase and make you a bit more familiar with it.

A strategic marketing approach which focuses on creating and distributing relevant and consistent content through online platforms is content marketing. With traditional marketing tactics such as cold calls, TV and radio spots and print advertisements no longer proving to be as successful as they once were, content marketing has now become the more widely accepted and effective form of marketing. That is because it works from an often used and popular platform, which is the internet. Essentially, you are meeting your customer base exactly where they are and using the internet allows for more creative ways to market.

How Does CRM Help Content Marketing?

One of the benefits of using customer relationship management software is its overflow of data.  No matter what your goal is for using the software, having information about your customers and all interactions involving your business and its customers, can help you in more ways than one. When it comes to content marketing, you can use the information collected within the system to learn more about your customer base, their interests and how to marketing toward them. Here are three specific ways CRM can bring life to your content marketing.

  • Gain customer social media understanding: CRM allows you to gain a better understanding of your customers in order to create a more personal relationship with them. Social media usage can easily tell a business what their customers are interested in or do no care for, making marketing easier. Social CRM is a tool that can make this process easier.
  • Monitoring metrics: Utilizing CRM data is the perfect way of finding data that rests in email threads and phone conversations. You can look through metrics and data, what was successful or a failure and from there make changes with your marketing.
  • Make Businesses Better Listeners: This one is simple, but effective. Paying attention to your customer’s actions, needs and requests will make content marketing easier to perform. The needs of a customer are often documented in customer relationship management software. Knowing this information doesn’t just simplify marketing, it also shows your customer base that you care and pay attention to them.

CRM is an incredibly helpful software and can be used for more than just building a relationship with customers. It also helps with giving your content marketing the boost it needs in order to better perform on search engines.

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