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blog | January 08, 2019

Investing in an ERP System – When Is It the Best Time to Implement?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps businesses with the management of their daily business processes, ultimately creating a more efficient, better automated and integrated workflow for a business. ERP...

By Courtney Perry

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps businesses with the management of their daily business processes, ultimately creating a more efficient, better automated and integrated workflow for a business. ERP software helps individual departments that help an entire business including, human resources, accounting and marketing just to name a few and comes with a slew of benefits.

While ERP is incredibly helpful and makes work life much easier and smoother, not every business has taken the time to invest in a proper ERP software, some may not even use it at all! With it providing so much help, it is important that businesses begin to look into utilizing the software. In today’s blog, we will cover when the best time is for a business to implement a ERP software.

  1. Your company has grown in size

With a larger company comes more paperwork, clients, money and all around general upkeep. Completing work on word documents or pieces of paper can not only be tiresome and take up space, but it creates a bigger opportunity of losing important information and document as well not using your work time in the best manner.

When a business starts to expand, it may be time to consider upgrading your ERP software or getting a software for the first time. With a larger business, a company can manage business processes such as tracking inventory and cash flow. Software users can also view operations across platforms and locations and integrate other software’s such as, CRM, which helps both marketing and sales departments.

  1. Experiencing a lack of productivity

When dealing with important company information and daily duties, it is important to have the work completed in time and efficiently. One of the perks of having an ERP system is automation. Automation completes daily tasks like sending out emails digitally, meaning without the assistance of humans. Automation cuts down on employees having to complete tedious, time consuming tasks, giving them the opportunity to focus on bigger projects that may require more of their time. One of the major benefits of automation from an ERP software is enhanced productivity.

  1. You have multiple software’s for different tasks

Within a business, you have different departments and employees within them, as well as tasks that everyone has to complete and by specific deadlines. It goes without saying, but there is a lot happening at once on a day to day basis. It is important to eliminate time wasting factors whenever you can. Many employees have their hands in multiple projects and may even need information from departments that aren’t their own, which means having to move between different software’s.

ERP provides integration, which allows you to access multiple modules and applications all in one core software. It creates one central space to handle all of your business needs, which eliminates users from having to move between multiple software’s to complete daily business tasks and projects.

  1. Difficult to access company information

Another factor telling you that it may be time to invest in an ERP software is having difficulty gaining access to or finding company information. Many companies hold on to information on loose sheets of paper or on old, unreliable hard drives. That creates a huge chance of losing important information that is essential to your business. ERP keeps, maintains and updates all information stored into the system in real time, ensuring that all of the information that you view is up to date and stored safely.

  1. Business and customer needs are not being met

Customers expect items to be shipped and constant communication, among other things, from all places they conduct business with. If a business is struggling to meet those standards, it is time to invest in ERP software. You want to make your customers happy and a software which can help with company/customer information and communication can help make sure that continuously happens. Think of ERP as a second brain that can handle copious amounts of information and can remember to complete tasks that we may forget at times. Utilizing ERP makes sure that business needs are being met and customers are happy.

If it has become hard for your business to complete daily activities, if information seems to be hard to find and/or employees seem to never have time to complete work, it may be time to consider investing in an ERP software of your choice. It will make both work life and daily business operations happy and effectively ran.

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