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blog | January 11, 2019

Invest in a CRM System – When Is It the Best Time to Do It?

The saying “the customer is always right” means to treat customers as a top priority. There are many ways to do that, but many businesses utilize a very important...

By Courtney Perry

The saying “the customer is always right” means to treat customers as a top priority. There are many ways to do that, but many businesses utilize a very important tool to ensure they can keep their customers happy. That tool is CRM software.

Customer relationship management software (CRM) is designed to help businesses grow and strengthen the relationship with their customers. Often times, businesses struggle with their customer relationships because they don’t have the proper tools to facilitate those relationships. If struggling with that part of your business, along with other factors, it may be time to invest in a CRM software.

  1. Your customer service needs improvement

One of the main purposes of CRM software is to help give your customer a strong customer service experience, which includes timely responses, assistance with purchases and solving any additional issues customers may have. Since a business can either thrive or fall apart due to how its customers respond, it is important to do what you can to keep them happy. If your business finds itself struggling to help its customer base, consider CRM.

The software helps with the overall customer service experience in multiple ways. CRM software stores customer information including, ways to contact them, purchase history and their previous communications with the company. For both sales and marketing departments, you can look up client information to better acquaint yourself with them. It also helps you quickly solve customer issues if they were to ever come up. CRM also automates process, which includes sending out email blasts, which helps communicate with customers on the marketing side.

  1. Hard to access company and client information

Within businesses are specific departments designed to serve special functions. Even though what a marketing department does is different than what the sales department does, it doesn’t mean that they won’t even need to communicate or work together.

A marketing department may need to reach out to the sales department to gather information on company customers and sales stats in order to help with marketing campaign efforts. Without a CRM system in place, it may take longer for information to be exchanged because it isn’t in one central space for multiple departments to view and use when needed. Storing information on one computer,or on paper and sticky notes, makes sharing information harder and there is a strong chance that such information can be lost.

CRM stores customer information in one central space, which makes it easier for users across departments to access it when needed. When you feel that this problem is too big to handle, it may be time to invest in a CRM system.

  1. Not using up to date company information and data

Continuing on with the theme of having access to important information, another sign that it is time to invest in a CRM software, is when the information that you access isn’t up to date. No matter what industry you are in, if you deal with company or client information, statistics or anything that requires specific and correct information, it is important that the information is correct.

Whenever information is placed in CRM software, it is updated in real time for all of its users. That eliminates storing information in word documents or loose sheets of paper, which can easily be deleted or misplaced. All users have access to the information and can use it when necessary. Information being updated in real time also eliminates the possibility of duplicate data entry, which helps presenter cleaner, accurate data.

  1. Struggling with marketing tasks

CRM software is designed with your clients in mind. One of the most important ways of establishing and reaching your audience is through clever marketing efforts. There are a number of ways in which this can be done, but it can be most effectively accomplished with the help of a proper CRM system.

Along with a sales team, which typically makes first contact with customers, you can use the relevant client information stored into the system to developed strong marketing campaigns. Storing information into the system such as contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, etc..) previous communications and past purchases, can help marketers curate specific marketing ads geared toward their target consumer base.

If your business is struggling with any of these points and doesn’t have a CRM software in place to help, it may be time to consider investing in one. Not only does it help with safely storing company data, but it assists with the customer service process, which is the main goal of CRM software.

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