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blog | March 08, 2018

Improve Your Relationship with Your Mobile Users

Making your customers a priority should be the main concern of all businesses, since they either succeed or thrive based on how the customers feel about the business. With...

By Courtney Perry

Making your customers a priority should be the main concern of all businesses, since they either succeed or thrive based on how the customers feel about the business. With all of the current advances in technology, from creating a social media presence to online reviews of businesses, knowing where your customers come from and how to best effectively reach them is of the utmost importance. In today’s age most users turn to devices to shop, communicate with others and even conduct business. Those devices can be their tablets and most commonly used, a smartphone.

Reaching your customers where they are opens a range of opportunities for businesses. So once you know where your customers go to either buy from your business or at least browse, it is time to start catering your business toward them. Read below to find out three ways to improve your relationship with mobile users.

Improvement #1: Mobile Responsive Site

Creating a mobile friendly site is the first step many businesses take before designing their own app. A mobile site is the same version of the website that adapts itself to the device that the site is being accessed on. A mobile responsive layout often times look slightly different depending on the device that is being used. Having a website designed to be mobile friendly shows your customers that you know many users prefer their cellphones to laptops or desk computers. Designing a site for mobile users also shows that you would like to make the site experience an easy one to navigate.

Improvement #2: Mobile Apps

The next step up from a mobile responsive site, is developing an app. Not only is it an easier solution than a mobile site, it is also a more up to date and trendy one.  Knowing that your customers took the time to download you app shows that they have an invested interest in purchases from you and visiting the app again, creating more opportunities for a transaction to be made.  A lot of the customer’s interactions will be made through the app, so developing it with the customers in mind will help to give them a satisfactory experience whenever they use it.

Improvement #3: Consistent Social Media Usage

Another forum that many customers use is social media. With social media, it is often times accessed through mobile devices which is another opportunity to reach your customer base. No matter the social media site, statistics have shown that many mobile users go to social media on their phone more than any other reason they use their phone for. Integrating social media into your marketing plan places you right into the heart of where your customers are.

Additional Improvement: Mobile CRM

Another great improvement that a business can utilize in an effort to best build their relationships with mobile users is mobile CRM software.  Workwise OnContact CRM software allows you to access your software from a laptop, tablet and of course your smartphone. This often times allows business employees to have access to the software no matter where they are so long as they have a Wi-Fi connection and their cellular device. Customer relationship management software allows for businesses to know their customer base better, with information about their shopping history and even ways to contact them. Having this information on the go allows for immediate assistance and updates, improving the customer service experience.

Paying attention to the latest trends, many of which are now becoming staples such as mobile usage allows for your business to make the necessary changes it needs to make in order to not only stay afloat, but to thrive in their respective industries. Consider the ways that your relationship will improve with your customers when you place a mobile minded thought process into play. Meeting your customers where they are shows that you are interested in them and want to make their experience with you a meaningful one.

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